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Magic Sun Phases

Magic Sun Phases

Folk in magic and especially beginners tend to obsess about following the tradition of doing certain types of work at certain beneficial times of the various natural cycles within which we exist. Unlike the more complex astrological, moon, year or day/month cycles, sun phases are actually far more basic, more powerful, and sun phases are easy to remember and very clearly natural.

Therefore, for beginners in magic and energy magic to start synchronising their spells to the sun, rather than only ever to the moon, is good practice. You get to work your energy magic in the light, with the help of the light, making it very bright magic indeed :-)

It might be useful to consider this and other cycles not just in the context of traditional "spellwork" but in a far wider context which includes tasks of organising, healing, planning and solution.

The truth about energy magic is that it belongs into the hard life, and when it enters there, life becomes exciting and enlivening, full of opportunity.

The sun *is* the life giver, the source of power for every thing and every one on this planet of ours; the most profound physical influence as well as the most powerful energetic influence so it makes a lot of sense to give it a bit of attention and synchronise to the sun in what we do.



Sun Phases

The Sun emits an uncomplicated, direct masculine energy that is warm and golden-feeling. Unlike the Moon, He moves through several different phases every day, availing the majikal practitioner of unlimited opportunities for immediate spellwork. His wide range of properties can boost almost any magical effort normally aided by the Moon.


Sunrise lends its energies to beginnings, change, and cleansing. This phase is beneficial to magical workings that involve new endeavors in employment, love, or direction in life. Rejuvenation matters such as renewing hope and trust, good health, or even mending a broken heart also benefit from this energy.


During the morning hours, the energy of the Sun expands and becomes strong and active. Any project that requires building, growth, or expansion works well during this phase. This is an excellent time to build upon the positive aspects in your life, to resolve situations where courage is necessary, and to add warmth and harmony to your home. 

Morning-Sun energy is also of benefit when performing plant magic or working spells for financial increase.


The influence of the Sun reaches its peak at high noon. This vibration is excellent for performing efforts that involve the mental abilities, health, and physical energy. It is also of value when charging crystals, stones, or metal ritual tools such as athames, censors, and cauldrons.


As the Sun journeys downward, His energies take on a receptive quality. Use this phase to work efforts involving professionalism, business matters, communications, and clarity. It is also of benefit for spellwork involving exploration and travel.


The predominant energies of sunset provide a suitable condition for spellwork requiring reduction or alleviation. This phase lends itself to the removal of stress and confusion, hardship, and depression, and the disclosure of deception. It is also a good time for dieting magic.

Use rituals adopted or composed of your own choosing in performing magic during these phases.

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