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Psychometry - Best Practice For Psychic Skills

Psychometry - Best Practice For Psychic Skills

How To Use Psychometry To Develop Psychic Talent & Psychic Skills: People - like you! - who are drawn to witchcraft, spell casting and the ultraviolet arts of the night in general have by definition better general psychic talents than those who are not - we already have a sense, a KNOWING that there is REALLY SOMETHING THERE.

Those without psychic talent just see nothing at all, feel nothing at all and thereby conclude that there isn't anything there - which is amusing in its naivety, to say the least.

  • Out of all the many ways in which one can safely practice and enhance psychic skills and talents, psychometry is by far the easiest and most rewarding all around.

Psychometry is when you tune into an object and learn about its past, its future - learn about its path, you could say, or just find out more about it.

Objects have an energy field and when people interact with that energy field, it becomes changed; imprints are left like fingerprints, and all manner of information is stored in the energy field of an object.

Our "energy person" has receivers to read this information; it sends the results of this reading as an energetic data stream to our energy mind (previously known as the "unconscious mind") and that in turn translates it into a "vision", which is like a dream, where you hear, see, feel, smell, touch, sense things and get information that way.

So in basic Psychometry, you simply hold or touch an object, close your eyes, relax, breathe deeply, let tensions and cares flow away from you like so much warm water and wait until you get a vision.

At first, visions may just be flashes of images, shapes and colours; or a sensation of chill or a draft; an atmospheric sound like wind or rustling leaves, that kind of thing. It's not very impressive but that's where we start, and you will be amazed to find just how fast you get better at this with PRACTICE.

It's important to know that when you start with your psychometry practice, it is NOT important to get hung up on figuring out how accurate you were and going on big archaeological digs to "prove that you were right"; nor to get too involved with the contents of your visions.

Sure, it's interesting to pick up an old ring and start getting visions of a Victorian lady and all her ongoings. It's romantic but that's not what this is about.

It is about YOU getting better at RECEIVING energetic information, and getting your visions clear and steady, reliable, sorted out so you can tell an actual psychic experience from so much illusion and hallucination.

And here is the other REALLY IMPORTANT message from this article: Do NOT confine your psychometry practice to some spooky night time set up, with rare and meaningful antiques to scry, loads of candles and chanting and such, once in a blue moon.

Once again, that kind of thing is fun in a childish "pyjama party" type sense, and you can absolutely enjoy it once in a while and play around with it to your heart's content once you can actually and REALLY DO physic skills correctly - but to start with, all those things are just a big distraction and they don't really help anyone.

So here's what to do.

In the bright light of day, as often as you can and ANYWHERE AT ALL, touch an object and tune into it FAST.

Fruit in a supermarket. An old lamp post. A coin from your purse. A discarded coke can. A car parked by the side of the road. Anything, in fact - and frankly, the more mundane, the better.

Receive the vision, make a mental note of it and MOVE ON.

That way, you'll get MANY visions every day - and you get used to communicating with your energy mind, receiving the information, and the more you do it, the better you get at de-coding it as well.

Understand this: The world's greatest and most renown psychics didn't start out that way. The BECAME that good because they were doing it all the time, they got lots and lots of practice, and they learned to figure out when something was right and real, and when they were just thinking or hallucinating.

Psychometry can give you the level of psychic practice with every day objects, in all kinds of settings, in all kinds of different states YOU might find yourself in at the time (and different days in your menstrual cycle, if any!) that a professional psychic would get who sees ten, twenty clients every day.

Even better, no-one else needs ever know what you are doing. It is fast, inconspicuous and it makes the world all of a sudden into a much more interesting place.

Later on, you can extend this to just tune towards an object, rather than physically having to hold it; that is an extension of the skill. Reading more complex energy fields, like living people's energy systems is the next thing that opens up from the basic psychometry skills set, and then so much more.

Psychometry is a simple human ability which actually all people are born with, courtesy of the Creative Order itself. There is nothing whatsoever evil about it, it is just an extremely interesting way to gain more information about the world, and in the practice of psychometry, about yourself, as well.

StarFields April 2006

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