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Am I A Witch? Answer 7 Questions To Find Out If You're A Witch!

Am I A Witch? Answer 7 Questions To Find Out If You're A Witch!

Gena asks: "I've had many weird experiences my whole life long and I think I might be a witch.

"Am I a witch? How can I tell if I am a witch?"

Here areย 7 Questions to tell if you're a witch - or not!

Starfields answers:

That's a good question which (witch!) I am often asked.

Having been with magical people all my life, here are 7 questions that can help answer the question for you.


1. Do you have Visions?

Visions show us more than the eyes can see. They provide additional information, and without visions, you can't be a genius, a true creative, or a proper witch, for that matter. You can't be a Michelin star winning chef either, or an artist or a composer who sets the world on fire. Or a physicist or mathematician who finally solves "a problem of the ages."

There are a lot of people going round doing magic "cookbook style" by doing spells other people have written. That's second hand stuff and at the very best, an interim phase before you do magic properly - and for that, you need the magical power of visions.

Do you have visions? If yes, then you're probably a magical person.


2. Gut Reactions/"Intuition"

Can you feel strong responses in your physical body that give you more information about the world?

Such as a strong "gut reaction" when someone tells you a lie, a strong physical sensation of cold/heat/pressure when you are in a haunted house, and having a strong physical sense warning you of danger?

Do you have these? If yes, then you're probably a magical person.


3. Making Stuff Happen

Does "stuff happen" when you are around? This covers a lot, from freaking out random people to attracting animals in a strange way, from willing something and then it happens "for real."

Very unhappy magical people create a vortex of misery and insanity around them which practically affects animals, plants and people. There was a reason why in the middle ages they started looking for a witch when "the neighbour's cow's milk turned sour." It doesn't mean the witch/magical person in question is evil, it just means that there's an unhappy witch around when this sort of vortex of bad luck and misery follows a person, wherever they go.

Into this category of "making stuff happen" also falls being able to make things happen by getting other people to do things. Magical people have a great ability to get others to follow them, in thought, in deed, and to put things into their minds.

Having a high proportion of very unlikely things happening to you, or when you are around, be they positive or negative in nature, is also a good indication there's magic about.

Does "stuff happen" around you? If so, you might well be a magical person (a witch).


4. Unusual Skills & Talents

Here we have the whole range of "magical manifestations" - from telepathy to "shamanic identification" type super-empathy (where you literally become the person, animal or object), from out of body travel to seeing spirits, and from healing to predicting the future, this is all the psychic powers and abilities that magical people have.

If you can do this sort of thing once, or accidentally, you have those sort of magical talents. People block them up because they get afraid of them, but if you've ever manifested magical talents, chances are, you are a magical person.


5. Witches In The Family

Magical folk tends to marry other magical folk, and often wildly across the boundaries of "normal society." Thus, magical abilities tend to run in families, if they like this or not.

People with magical talents in today's societies are often driven crazy from an early age by the way everyone mishandles them, so having some kind of "crazy" in the family, including "crazy devoted religious" grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings can also be an indication of a magical heritage.

If you're a magical person, chances are there are other people in your bloodline or family tree who were/are also magical people.


6. Being Highly Attracted To Magic

Magical people are obviously very interested in magic - when non-magical folk are not. Duh!

Magic comes under different guises and in different names. Being religious. Being "very spiritual." Actively thinking about magic, God, the Universe and your place within it. Being fascinated by magical books, be it Harry Potter or Alister Crowley, or religious magical books - as long as there is that attraction to "other worldly" things beyond the material, that probably means you're a magical person.


7. Feeling "Other Than"

Most people at this time are very non-magical and all they seem to care about is money, fashion, popularity, TV and all of that jazz.

Magical people are in the minority in any group, and it doesn't matter if that's in Kindergarten, school, highschool, university, or the Bingo club in an old people's home.

They feel alone, left out, and essentially always "other than."

Which is basically right, because THEY ARE.

If you spend most of your time feeling outside of "normal" society, then you're probably a magical person.


If all seven apply to you, it's pretty much certain that you're a witch.

Or a magical person, witch is a term I prefer to use!


So now, what next?

First of all, know that you're not alone.

There may not be many like you where you are, but magical people do exist and they have a right to be here.

They are real, and far more interesting/exciting than those with no magical leanings.

This becomes ever more pronounced, the older you get; and it is at its worst when you are younger and "Trying to fit in" is so important.

Being magical is a blessing, not a curse.

That's the important thing to remember.

Learning more about yourself, about your abilities, getting your talents under control and starting to use them in such a way that they benefit you and those you love, that's a life long adventure.

So if the answer to "Am I a witch?" is a resounding, "YES!" - that's not just OK, that's brilliant.

Thank God you've found out, thank God you know!

Now you can go forward from here and instead of going mad, have a fantastic life.

Do watch your stress levels though, because unhappy witches are a recipe for disaster!

With best wishes,

Silvia Hartmann


December 2014


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