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A Spell To Write A Spell?

A Spell To Write A Spell?

Daniela writes: Dear Starfields, I love to do spells and I would like to do my own - but I can't do poetry!

I'm terrrible at it and I wonder if there is a spell that I can do so I can write a spell and not have it sound totally naff?

Please help, I'm serious, this is very upsetting for me.



I hear you. You have a mental block, a writer's block, really :-) but first of all let me tell you that spells aren't poetry, and even if they were poetry, which they can be, they are very easy to do and nothing to be afraid of.

Your message above shows me clearly anyway that you CAN write and use words, and all you need is a bit of daily practice in the matter to start up that flow.

To get you started, here is a simple spell to encourage expression:

I am here

and now I seek

with my own true voice

to speak.


Let my voice, my word be wise

celebrate the endless skies

let my will be true and clear

so that those who hear

shall hear


I speak with heartfelt clarity

This is my will, so shall it be.

You can substitute "Write" for "speak" but that's the same thing.

Personally, I got really good at all forms of poetry not by a spell, but by doing at least ONE poem every day for about a year.

I got that from Sylvia Plath, the poet, who did this to keep fighting fit and on top of her game; I even wrote an article about it because it is so useful:

How To Write Poetry - The Sylvia Plath Pattern Of Creative Flow

She wrote poems about a lettuce leaf, about an ashtray, a stain of a table cloth - it matters not, it is just about the FLOW ITSELF, or you could call it the practice, the DOING of it. That's how you get better.

Also, I would advise you to do LITTLE SPELLS all the time. Just little two liners here and there. They do not have to be profound or anything at all, they just have to BE to learn to think that way and have it become easy when you need a profound spell at some point. I was in the car the other day and noticed I was stressing like hell because I would be late for an appointment because of the traffic. So I made a little chant that went,

I'll get there

when I get there

I'll get there

when I get there

I'll get there

when I get there

and that's when I arrive!

... which did the trick.

So, to sum up.

Write one spell every single day and don't worry if it isn't any good because it isn't about the spell at this time, but about learning to write them, opening the FLOW. You can use the "Clarity Spell" from above before you start to write each time, until you don't need it anymore.

Put all the spells you write together in a notebook, good and bad alike, because it is actually true that at the time of writing or just after, you are in no condition to judge its merits. You need to leave it for a week or two, then come back and look at it again. This also goes for editing and re-writing. Leave what you have written alone after you've written it, that's really important to not undermine your confidence but to get that flow started.

Once the flow starts, and it starts quite quickly, you can move on to more profound or challenging things simply by changing the spell up front to something more specific.

You can ask, "Give me a spell for (my Aunt Bessie's backache)" and simply wait for something to come to you, a picture or a mental movie or even just a sense of knowing what that is. Even as I wrote down that last sentence, because I'm used to this, I got a sense of "burdens released, pain relieved ..." which was the entrance point into the spell..

One last thing.

Turn off your spell checker and your grammar checker.

When you are writing down what the flow is telling you, what you see or what you are being shown, write fast, like a reporter in a war zone. Don't worry about the words themselves, just get an impression down as the flow occurs, as the information is streaming to you.

I'll do that with the Aunt Bessie poem for an example.

So I had an image of this old woman, worn down by a big weight on her back and I looked at that and said, she needs to have her ...

Burdens released, pain relieved, lightness restored, soothing white light, heal you, free you, be proud, be strong.

I just wrote that exactly as it came to me; if I wanted to now, I could take that and make it into a spell or a poem, rhyming or just rhythmical or leave it as it is, it sounds powerful to me if it was sent just as it is.

That's the content of the spell which is far more important than any words or fancy patterns around it - that's where the the heart of the spell is.

If you get a sense of what that is, then you have all the time in the world to write around it.

But always check that the heart is intact and that whatever words you use, HELP that, strengthen it, and not weaken it.

That's how you write spells, and practice makes perfect!

Wishing you a truly unencumbered flow of wonderful visions, always,



PS There is also a good exercise to learn to rhyme and get rhythm into your spell writing or poem writing in this article called The Magic of the Moment.

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