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Where To Look for Magic And How To Find It

Where To Look for Magic And How To Find It

People are always asking me, "What do you have to do to be a real witch? A real magician? Where is Hogwarts? Point the way ..."

On this site I give many ideas for anyone who is actually serious about magic to get started, get practicing (which means to do something practical in order to learn something from it!) and have fun with magic.

Here is an important tip that does divide the wheat from the chaff - looking out for opportunities to do magic, and when one presents itself, to jump on it with both feet and take advantage - there and then!

Where To Look for Magic

& How To Find It


Magic - contrary to what the mad medieval monks might have thought in their insane delusions - is actually LIGHT in nature.

  • Magic is light, it is colorblessed, it is filled with joy, the love of life, and it flows, sings and dances as its very structure, in its very nature.

If magic is not approached like that, and in that spirit, it turns weird, becomes uncontrollable, misfires, and brings misery instead of the pure joy that is the heart of magic itself.

The dour medieval monks and all those other weird *men* who over the years, stipulated their heavy, doomladen ideas of magic, of cast iron rituals, designed to contain a flame pure joy and lightness, of love of immeasurable proportions, never really got anywhere near to the spirit of magic - magic and misery are like matter and anti-matter; where the one is, the other cannot exist.

So what, you might ask, does this basic observation have to do with "looking for opportunities for magic"?

Well, if you look for magic, you need to know WHAT you are looking for, and WHERE you are looking for it, or you will never find it.

And where you won't find opportunities for magic is IN MISERY.

A lot of people do not understand that at all.

They try to use magic to "get them out of the misery that they are in" or even sometimes to create misery for others.

Needless to say, this isn't going to work, it never did, and it never will, for all the furrowed brows and the midnight chanting until the lips start to bleed ...

  • Opportunities for REAL magic are ONLY found in moments of lightness, and joy, and surprise, and happiness.

And there, you can find these opportunities for magic EVERYWHERE.

Here's an example.

The other day, my son spotted whilst helping me prepare the meal, that we had a perfectly heart shaped potato in the bag.

Here it is:

Heart Shaped Potato - An Invitation To Magic!

We both laughed at this because it happened to be Mothering Sunday on that occasion, it was delightful co-incidence.

There's your "magic moment" - light, happiness, delightful, a coincidence: MAGIC IS ALREADY HERE, and now, you can use that and make some more REAL magic, if you want.

So we boiled the potato with the others, but then got it out, divided it in half, and each one of us ate one half of the potato, for a little mother-son love spell on Mothering Sunday.

It left us both smiling, delighted, happy, and very touched.

The heart shaped potato had been THE INVITATION to magic, and we entered into that, and MADE REAL MAGIC on that day.

My son, young as he is, has already a developed antenna for "spotting the invitations to magic" when they are very real, they are right here, right now, and present themselves to you on a platter.

This probably comes from living with someone who has made it her business to be awake, and aware, and actively on the lookout for these invitations to magic.

I know that they lead to the kind of spells and rituals that you can NEVER IN A BILLION YEARS "construct" somehow by pouring over aged charts, muttering endless rituals and surrounding yourself with an army of paraphernalia.

And from experience I have learned that these magic moments, where you can REALLY shift reality big time and in a brilliant direction for your own aims and outcomes can ONLY BE FOUND IN MOMENTS OF JOY.

You're not going to find them by digging in dusty cellars for "lost knowledge of the ages".

You're NEVER going to find these special moments when YOUR MAGIC REALLY IS ALL THAT IT CAN BE by looking at misery, dwelling in your misery, plotting and planning grimly, or even running around like a headless chicken, squawking, "Where's the magic? Where's the magic?"

You have to really take yourself in hand and say to yourself,

"I'm going to pay attention to when things are AMAZING - good, joyous, surprising, neat, cool, excellent, colorful, enjoyable, sensuous, POSITIVE, light, and HAPPY."

THERE is where you find magic, real magic, and it's just amazing, feels amazing, creates events and movements that you'll never forget, and that totally make you tingle from head to foot and you know that magic is not only absolutely real, not only absolutely here, but THAT YOU CAN DO REAL MAGIC.

So start looking out for opportunities - a found penny in the street makes THE most powerful magic moment of calling more of their kind into your life, opening a flood gate of lucky money, if you want it.

A four leaf clover is good luck - you find one, feel yourself blessed and jump on the opportunity to share your blessing, make a luck spell, a luck potion in that moment, because the magic's right there for you to play with now.

It can be as simple as seeing a dark shadow and sunlight divide under a balcony and making a little spell as you step from the shadow into the sun.

Magic is all around us - if only we learn to look in the right direction!

SFX April 2009

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