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When Spells Go Wrong ...

When Spells Go Wrong ...

Whether it's a hopelessly burned love potion, a candle that goes out at the wrong moment, forgetting the words, tripping over your robe or when your bowl of magic divining water gets tipped up by the cat, don't despair when spells go wrong!

A good magician takes whatever happens and turns it to their best advantage.

Here's what to do ...

When Spells Go Wrong

Here is an interesting and important story about something that happened the other day.

I decided to make a love potion. I got the ingredients, stirred them in the pot, set the pot to boil and reduce - and then promptly got involved in something else and forgot all about it.

When clouds of smoke finally broke through to my awareness, the love potion had turned into crinkled pitch black soot in the bottom of the pan!

Oh NO!


Wasn't it meant to be?

Was this all I would ever get instead of love, black burned on remnants?!

Was this a sign?!!

This is where one has to stop, take a deep breath and say, "Alright. Now it's time to call UTILIZATION into play!" 

Utilization is the art of taking ANYTHING AT ALL and make it BECOME whatever it is that you want it to become.

That's a big part of magic, to take malleable reality and shape it to your WILL.

So I looked at the pot and said, "Fine. That's THE OLD LOVE." 

"That's all the old stuff that happened to me, all the nasty stuff, all the wrong ideas, the things that went wrong in the past - that is what that is. "

"I am going to take all that old nonsense and scrub the pan clean, and AS I SCRUB THE PAN CLEAN, I CREATE A CLEAN SLATE WITHIN MYSELF, a fresh start, and a new form of love altogether can now come to me." 

So I set to scrubbing out the pan and as I did it, I kept chanting, "Clear up the old, let the new unfold ..."

This was a very meditative and magical activity which I enjoyed immensely and I could feel all sorts of things falling away around me, as the pan become bright shiny silver once more.

When it was all perfectly clean, I put it back on the stove and started again. This time, all worked perfectly well and the second, NEW love potion was actually a whole lot better than the first attempt. I am extremely pleased with the potion and the outcome of it all.

Remember this story when it seems that a spell's gone wrong or you've made a mess, made a mistake, didn't get it right, and all those doubts come creeping or crashing in - THAT'S when a real magician stands firm in mind, and spirit, and in outcome, and takes the situation and turns it to their advantage. 

Who knows, perhaps it was "meant to be".

Perhaps the potion couldn't work whilst I was still having all this "stuff" burned into my systems.

Perhaps it was just carelessness, which isn't good in magic either.

But it doesn't matter how we got there, in the end we did, I did and it was a fine lesson in magic on many levels that I am happy to share with you today.

SFX :-)

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