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What is a Spell Chant or Spell Mantra?

What is a Spell Chant or Spell Mantra?

A Looping Spell Chant or Mantra for trance and to control the mind.

Most spells have the "make it so" punch at the end, which gives the instruction for our champions and all parts of our self to get to work.

Mantra Spells, Spell Loops, or Spell Chants don't have that instruction and are designed to go round and round, for as long as is desired or necessary.

This has a number of valuable purposes, including:

  • Keeping the mind and body from descending into powerless states of victimhood and misery;
  • Stopping negative thoughts, counter thoughts, and old emotions from getting in the way of the intention of the spell;
  • By repeating the spell many times in a loop, very deep and profound trance states can be achieved quite quickly;
  • And the spell can also be sung, danced, drummed, walked or built in this way into any other type of ceremony.

    Mantra spells are a very powerful and very interesting form of energy evocation and reality creation, but they are also extremely practical and very fast acting in every day situations to keep on an even keel, or improve outlook, attitude, performance and will to the outcome.

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    NB - A good example can be found here: Spell Chant "Money In My Pocket"


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