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Weight Loss Magic Ritual - Spell/Potion To Lose Weight

Weight Loss Magic Ritual - Spell/Potion To Lose Weight

This is a renewal ritual, i.e. you do one big ritual one time and then renew it with a simple daily action that keeps it strong and ongoing until that which has been desired, is achieved. The advantages of a renewal ritual are that if one can feel the original intensity of the process wearing off, one can do the big ritual again to make sure it stays fresh and powerful.

 1. Preparation

This is a simple potion using ingredients that are readily available. Once you have made the decision that you really are ready to release yourself from your burdens, whatever that might mean, assemble these items and know this is already the work begun. Take your time, bless each item and keep your mind focussed on the desire to return to your true form and shape as prescribed by your creative template which became yours at the moment of your conception and always lives in every part of every cell, and is inscribed in every dimension in your energy matrix too. We seek not to make anything better or do anything unnatural, but in the contrary, to return ourselves to THAT original template and in doing so, regaining our own true "even flow" of rightful life, of rightful time and space, and of proportion.


The Magic Potion For Weightloss

Star Of Bethlehem x 1 drop per 50 ml of Holy Water

Wild Rose x 3 drops per 50 ml of Holy Water

Clear Quartz (a small crystal) per 50 ml to of Holy Water

IMPORTANT: For final catalysis of the ingredients, the essence of blue is required. Therefore, this potion is to be stored in a BLUE glass bottle.

For a single serving, put a small amount of this potion into a a BLUE glass or BLUE glass chalice per serving with water, mineral water or sparkling wine, and/or store larger quantities ready mixed in a BLUE bottle in your fridge for easy access.


The Wordings & Sequence for the Weightloss Ritual

Insecurity about the wordings, having a book fall to the floor in the middle of a ritual or forgetting the words completely is the fast track to - well a ritual that isn't all it could have been!

So please copy the wordings out on a nice piece of paper or parchment in big enough letters that you can really see them under the low light conditions of the ritual, or learn them by heart. At least, make sure you are familiar with the flow of the wording and that you will be able to keep any breaks in concentration, mood and flow to the minimum even if you do need to glance briefly at the parchment when it comes to it.

You can also "stick it up on the frigdge" for a time before you do the catalysing ritual so you see it often and you are familiar with it and comfortable before the event itself.

A little bit of foresight and planning can go a long way!


2. The Main Catalysing Ritual For Real Weightloss

For this ritual you will be sitting at a table, preferably after dark, and have the following items:

a) one mirror, large enough to prop up so you can see your own head and shoulders with nothing cut off;

b) two white candles either side of the mirror, and one BEHIND the mirror.

c) the spell wording

d) The magic potion for weightloss ready to drink in a BLUE glass or BLUE glass chalice.


Now, get the room ready.

Create the right environment by turning off the lights, extinguishing or covering all other sources of illumination, putting on some supportive music to mask everyday sounds, and whatever else you personally need to make this a special space for special work.

Light the left candle, light the right and then the one behind the mirror. Make sure all is secure so you can relax and get to work.


Take your seat at the table.

Sit steady and look at your own mirror image for a time. Simply let all judgements and thoughts of the past flow away as best as they can, and then seek to look through the mirror to the candle which stands behind it, and which represents the invisible realms that are there, even though our eyes do not always perceive them.

The candle behind the mirror represents the original template, given to you by the creative order itself and to which we seek to return in all ways.

Do the best you can to hold both the image in the mirror and the invisible candle at the same time in your awareness throughout.

Now, hold the chalice or glass with both hands and speak the words, slowly and honestly.


Slim and slender,

fast and light

joyous beauty,

shining bright.


Health and heart

and will of might,

body, soul,

set now alight.


Shed the burdens,

shed the pain,

make me whole

and new again.



do I seek,

first signs show

within the week.


Now raise the chalice, take a deep breath, and say to both the mirror image of what is as well as to the invisible candle behind the mirror which is your creative template and the future:


Magic potion

flows through me

makes me healthy,

sets me free.


As I drink, so shall it be:

I return myself

to me.


Drink from the chalice and allow yourself to really become of the sensation of flow, then take another deep breath and say for the second time:

Magic potion flows through me

makes me healthy, sets me free.

As I drink, so shall it be:

I return myself

to me.


Wait until all the echoes and resonances in your mind and body have cleared before you take one more deep breath and speak the words for the third and binding time:

Magic potion flows through me

makes me healthy, sets me free.

As I drink, so shall it be:

I return myself

to me.


And this time, drink everything that is left in the chalice so that it is empty.

Now, bow to your visible mirror image and the invisible template which lies behind it, then extinguish the left and right candles and turn the mirror down or take it away, so you can only now see the one candle of the true creative template.

You might take a while to just be there with the future and the desire to be who you were always meant to be, if you wish.

When you are ready, blow out the candle in the Hard but keep it burning steadily in your mind.

The ritual is complete.


3. Renewal

Now, place your bottle with essential magic potion or a ready made easy-to-use bottle (blue, please!) of some every day drinking liquid, and it really doesn't have to be anything special at all, from water to lemonade or whatever you personally like, into the fridge where you can see it, and easily find it, and be easily remembered and reminded.

Take a small drink before every meal, and EVERY TIME you need the power of this potion and this spell to help you do what must be done on every level to return your body, your mind, and all your systems into a real even flow that is way, way beyond just "loosing weight" or "dieting".

Before you drink, think or say:

Magic potion flows through me

makes me healthy, sets me free.

As I drink, so shall it be:

I return myself

to me.

... to evoke the power of the complete central ritual there and then.


4. Regeneration

Pay close attention to how you feel when you do this re-evocation of the complete ritual through the potion and the spell each time you do this.

Should you find the power of the potion to wear off, and this is just one of these things that happens quite naturally and no sign that you didn't make it right or that it wasn't strong enough, do the original power ritual again to bring the renewal actions back on line on full power. You will find that this time, both the experience of the ritual as well as the potion itself and its effects will be right away even stronger and it will also last longer.


Blessed be on your path, and may it be light, joyful and in tune with the Creative Order,

SFX & QED 2004

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