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Weather Spell Storm Spell & More

Weather Spell Storm Spell & More

There's nothing as powerful as a good Weather Spell - the Storm Spell is an example how we can activate The Magic of the Moment and create powerful positive changes for ourselves and others.

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Here's a transcript of the storm spell video, and I said:

So tonight is a really stormy night and I'm out in the back garden here and I'm thinking,

"What can I do with this storm??"

One of the best things to do with storms is to release stuff, to let go of stuff.

Let the wind blow it away - whatever it may be fears, weirdnesses, things you don't want in your life - you can dance around and give them to the wind.

It's a fabulous opportunity to really raise some energy to put some energy flow into the system and let the powers that be know what you don't want anymore!

Be free and easy, dance around let the wind take it all whatever it is that you don't want anymore - Sadness, Poverty, Misery or anything of that nature, let the wind take it all!

Let it blow your entire aura and energy system clear of all cooties, of stuff that's assembled, and have a really good time.

So yeah let the wind take it all away!

So here we have a storm spell, where we are using the immense energy of the storm and wind to blow the cobwebs out of our energy systems and replace them with bright, fresh, powerful storm energy instead.

We encourage these powerful energy movements by DANCING - making movements in response to the sensations of the living energy flowing through us.

This is spontaneous, this is "the magic of the moment," and it's a dance of freedom, life, and personal power.

A wonderful thing is the storm spell, and a hugely personal experience of real energy magic, nature magic, for the person who does this.

Storm Spell Illustration

The core pattern here, however, is that question that starts it off:

"What can I do with this storm??"

We can ask this question of all natural occurrences, and create the most amazing, spontaneous weather spells, real magic of the moment, that have the power to rock your world.

A few examples.

"What can I do with this rain???"

It's not just dancing around in the rain and letting the rain clean you, cleanse you and re-vitalise you.

That is amazing and a great use of the rain, and every type of rain has a different energy, a different, new opportunity to clear your energy field's different levels and layers.

Sometimes, there's magic in the air, a magic night, and so the rain that falls on this night is magic rain. We can collect it and make wonderful energy potions out of it; we can freeze it for future use. I still have a few cubes of "Valentine's Water" from a few years ago ...

You can simply collect the water and use it for a really magical washing of all of you, or parts of you that really need this refreshing, empowering, cleansing energy.

A fabulous use for a rainy night of magic is to put charms and crystals out to be thoroughly cleansed and revitalised.

These are just some examples. What YOU think up in the moment is the real "magic of the moment" and to learn to ask the question and wait for the answer, just like you would wait for someone you hare talking to on the phone, is the real magic skill that grows with use and in life!

"What can I do with this snow?"

Aaaah ... the perfection of snow, the purity, the logic, the clarity ... so, so soothing and uplifting, and snow magic surely is one of the most wonderful things there is.

The fact that we can shape snow into shapes of animals, people, geometric objects and then carry them around, throw them ... I think this needs an article all of its own!

"What can I do with this fog/mist?"

Misty Morning Magic is one of my most favourite things. When it is foggy or misty, the world becomes very quiet, very otherworldly. It's a perfect time to think about fairy magic, the other worlds, something beyond the ordinary.

Ideas and thoughts that arise in this state can be taken "across" into "normal life" to keep that connection standing, resonant, and to provide extra energy for every day.

"What can I do with this starry night?"

"What can I do with this full moon?"

"What can I do with this brilliant sunshine?"

Don't look up what other people have done with this. Start asking what YOU are going to do with this - right here, right now!

This article is particularly about Weather Magic, but of course, the principle of ...

"What can I do with ...???"

... is applicable to everyone, and every thing.

What can I do with ... (this person, this apple, this landscape, this situation, this object, this idea ...) is a real step into gaining control over yourself, your situations, and a real step into "creating your reality."

Start with the Weather Spells to engage YOUR creativity, your own magic, and that's a fantastic start.

And keep asking that magic question!


November 2018



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