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Wealth Spell For A Company or Business

Wealth Spell For A Company or Business

Create Wealth, Harmony and Flow For A Company

Dear SFX,

I am working for a company that is having trouble with cash flow. I really like it here and I like the people and I would love to do a spell to reverse the company's fortunes. What can I do?

SFX: Here's an idea for you.

At home, get the company logo (from a letterhead perhaps) and place it in the center of a table, or on the floor.

Put a small stone for each of the co-workers around the logo in a circle. If the company's too big or there's too many people, place 7 and say they stand for everyone in the company.

Take a flower (any flower will do), move it around in a spiral shape from the logo out over the circular arrangement and say:

All here in this company
work in healthy harmony
wealth flows now most readily
I bless us all, so will it be.

Put the flower on the company logo.

Then you take a small handfull of white sugar and sprinkle it over the whole arrangement, slowly and from up high and bind the spell by saying:

As these sparkling crystals fall,
wealth and blessings come to all.

... three times.

Leave this overnight and in the morning, take the logo, the flower and the stones and leave them anywhere in the grounds of the company, inside or out.

That should do the trick!




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