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How To Undo An Accidental Voodoo Doll

How To Undo An Accidental Voodoo Doll

Making connections through which energy flows and which have an effect in the real world is what energy magic is all about. And it is true that sometimes, folk who play around with magic can accidentally learn some interesting lessons along the way.

Here is the story of the accidental voodoo doll, and how it was undone.

Rosalyn wrote and asked:

I'm wondering if you can tell me how to dismantle a voodoo doll?
I was attempting to make a worry doll a few years back and made a doll with personal items I had. I did a poor stitching job on the back left side of the head but let it be.
That night I had a dream the voodoo doll was floating over me. The next day I fainted gashing my head open on the left side and needing stitches, thus matching the voodoo doll.
My mother bathed the doll in holy water and hid it away and it recently resurfaced. I think it's time to set it free. What can I do ?

Thank you. 

StarFields answers:
Yes, OK, I can see how this can be a problem!
I suggest you "undo" the doll and essentially, take it apart in the exact reverse order the younger you (your past aspect) made it in the first place.
Say/think every so often, "My work is undone, the spell is gone, material returns to material" until you have all the bits lying on a table top before you.
Put both hands on your heart and say clearly, "I return you to the material world."
Then you can put the items in the trash or use them for something else.
Sending blessings!
Awesome. Thank you so much. I dismantled and I appreciate you responding so quickly.

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