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Traditional Truth Spell

Traditional Truth Spell

Denise writes:

I have a guy that i really like and he keeps saying he loves me but I want to know if its true. Is there any spell I can do because I really need to know if he truly loves me.


Hi Denise,

Try this traditional truth spell.

This is a very old form of spell, but very powerful. Be sure you are ready for what it will show you.

You need a shallow bowl and fill it with water.

Place it on a table or on the floor, and arrange your lighting so you don't get any reflections from lamps or candles or windows. That's important.

Make up a glass of water with 3 drops of lemon (juice, or essential oil) and three tea spoons of salt. Stir until the salt has dissolved completely.

Now sit and look into the bowl. Let everything else drop away until you can see the person's face you are going to read.

When you can see them clearly in the water, dip your fingers into the glass with the salt/lemon mix and from your index finger, drip one drop into the bowl so it makes ripples and say,

"Reveal yourself to me."

The image will ripple and when it comes back, you'll see a different expression, a different level of the person.

Do it again to see another level of them, and a third and final time to see their soul.

Sit back and think about what you have seen.

Then pour the water away and act accordingly.

Good luck,



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