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The Zodiac Meditation

The Zodiac Meditation

This is a hypnodream induction for you to read, use in meditation by yourself or with others in order to overcome a particularly form of limiting beliefs which are directly created by suggestions or ideas gathered from misunderstanding astrology, the zodiac or what your star sign means.

The creative did not endow us with the neurology we are blessed with, all our life’s experiences and Free Will AND MT’s on top of that to have us sit in a corner and believe we can “never” (get rich, stop being a hypochondriac, get to learn to control our tempers, find true love with a Virgo, etc etc etc etc etc).

Truly, it didn’t.

I was talking to a success counselling person the other day and they are pretty switched on in most ways. So it did astonish me to hear them make the comment that “of course they were a coward and a weasel because they have seven water signs”!!

This reminded me of a personal experience with a horoscope by Jonathan Cainer that was given to me as a birthday present – full chart thing, quite expensive and quite pretty looking. I open it up and the very first line in the damn thing reads:

“You’re not very smart so you’ve got to make the best of it.”

I tell you, at the time I was dismayed and then felt pretty depressed. The fact that I am smart had kind of been my saving grace up to that point, and actually, this statement in the horoscope by someone I at that time had some respect for, really upset me for quite some time.

I’ve also had many friends and clients who in the past have made references to similar experiences. One gentleman in particular was so terrified of going out anywhere because he had been told by a tarot reader that he “would spend five years in an institution” and “would die by drowning” that I had to do a kind of hypnotic de-programming exercise with the guy, back in the days when we didn’t have METs to take the sting out of such things.

It is remarkable how such unhelpful comments and "predictions" can really get right down into your unconscious mind and stick there, so I think it might be neat to visit with that area and delete any and all limiting beliefs arising from the topic.

For practise groups, here’s a cool little mediation I came up with for the “seven water signs” person. You don’t have to do any formal trance inductions, just say it slowly and with some intent in your best resonant voice:

The Zodiac Meditation

It is true that

at the moment you were born,

certain planets were


in the starry skies above.


It is true that

a certain kind of


was given to those planets

and to those



But you know,

the people who came up with that,

they stood on the Earth

and looked up and

it was all

they could see

at that time.


If you were to

move on now,

and rise above this Zodiac Cage

that surrounds this Earth,

and if you were

to look at it from outside and beyond,

you would be able

to see

and realise

and know that




was present at your birth

all of it,

all that could ever be,

all of it and every one

gave you their light

their blessing

at that precise



And its all there for you

to draw from,

draw upon it now,

all of it,

the universe

in its immensity and

its complete entirety.


You are free.

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