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The THANK YOU  Spell

A heart felt THANK YOU is one of the most powerful blessings. Here is the "Thank You" spell. Practice this often, do this often. It has powerful positive effects on your incarnation.




A thank you spell

from me to thee


brings blessings to you

one, two, three:



The gift of joy

sparks firebright



The gift of freedom

day and night



The gift of love

I give to thee



This is my will,

so shall it be!



1. Get a photograph of the person you want to thank and bless and place it before you on the screen or on a table top.

2. Focus on the person and breathe deeply until you can feel your gratitude, love and power building up in your body. Encourage this until it fills you to near bursting point.

3. Put both hands on your heart and say the first four lines, out aloud and in your head at the same time (evoke).

4. Then, keep one hand on your heart. With the other, place a kiss on your fingertip and touch the person through the photograph as you evoke the words and give the gift.

5. When the first gift is given, return to the Heart Position and take a deep breath, in and out.

6. Place the next kiss/touch/evocation and then the third.

7. Return to the Heart Position for “This is my will ...”

Then bow - the Thank You Spell is complete.


The Thank You Spell

by StarFields 2015

Thank You Spell by Starfields as an image with instructions

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