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The Money Angel

The Money Angel

My partner has a parking angel, which is highly effective. So I thought it was time that those who would need one get themselves a MONEY ANGEL! Let the Money Angel take away some of your money stress and help you in all money matters, from this day forth.

The Money Angel will ..

  • protect you
  • guide your decisions
  • forgive your money sins
  • sparkle up your aura
  • attract opportunity to you
  • look after your investments
  • bring you money wisdom
  • bring you money knowledge
  • connect you to the realms of infinite prosperity
  • take your message to the world
  • soothe you
  • heal you
  • uplift you
  • enlighten you
  • awaken your heart
  • awaken your power
  • help you grow in love
  • bring blessings to you
  • bring blessings to those you love
  • embrace you
  • inspire you
  • love you.

The Money Angel
will always be by your side.

   So shall it be. From Silvia, with love x


The Money Angel Picture with the evocation words on it


Click thru to a hi res image for printing out & putting on your altar:

The Money Angel Picture



Money Angel Tips

You can ...

Meditate with the Money Angel

Walk in Sanctuary and talk to your Money Angel

Give your own personal Money Angel a name

Print out the picture and hang it on the wall, or place it on your altar

Make a charm (print the pic out small and decoupage it to a pendant) and wear it.

Decoupage the Money Angel on a stone and carry it with you.

Use Modern Energy Tapping on each one of the statements.

Use EMO Energy In Motion to work with the energy of the Money Angel.

Write a poem/spell song about your Money Angel.


That's just to get you started.

Keep your Money Angel close and use it often. It will become ever more powerful for you over time.



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