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The Magic Of The Book

The Magic Of The Book

When people think in terms of a "magic book" - do they think of it as a book that contains instructions about magic, a collection of magic spells, magic wisdom, secrets of the ages ...

... or could it be that the book itself is magic?

If you have ever felt that a book was more than the words it contained, that there was something "beyond the words" then I've got just the thing for you - a free teleclass on "the magic of the book".

When we magical people consciously and with volition create a "magic object" such as a charm, or a talisman; imprint a crystal with intention or put a spell or hex on something, what is created then is a very powerful energy object that has an existence beyond the structure which carries the message.

There is an entire "other level" of existence to the book - find out what you can do with that, how you can get to touch the magic of the book, and how this can literally transform your learning experience as well.

A few days ago I introduced my VIP group to "the magic of the book" and you can take part too, listen in, have a go with your own favourite books - it's absolutely fascinating and very, very magical indeed.

I'd like to add that a good understanding of "the magic of the book" is definitely a foundational skill for all practising witches and magicians, and indeed, for all magical people.

Enjoy "the magic of the book" and make it personal to you, using your own magic books, and you know what they are, and if you don't, at the end of this class you will.

Blessings all around,


August 10th, 2010

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