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The Law Of Three - The Rule of Three - The Magic Law Of Return - SFX On The Magic Law Of Three

The Law Of Three - The Rule of Three - The Magic Law Of Return - SFX On The Magic Law Of Three

The Law Of Three - The Rule of Three - The Magic Law Of Return - A modern day quantum universe explanantion of the threefold law of return

SFX On The Law Of Three

(The Law Of Three - The Rule of Three - The Magic Law Of Return)


Do things really return threefold to you in magic ...?


Ever Mind The Rule Of Three

Three Times Your Acts Return To Thee

This Lesson Well, Thou Must Learn

Thou Only Gets What Thee Dost Earn.


How does that "Law Of Return" (Law of three, rule of three) work?

And what does it mean?

It's simple, really.


These different planes HAVE DIFFERENT LAWS OF NATURE.

Only one of these planes is the Hard.

But it is NOT the only one.

In the Hard, when you give someone your banana, you DON'T HAVE A BANANA ANYMORE.

The Law Of Three - The Rule of Three - The Magic Law Of Return Banana Diagram Illustration

That's a fact according to that plane.

On a different plane, one which is functioning according to different laws of nature, when you give your energy banana to someone, you open up from your end a banana corridor or banana funnel which remains open until you close it and through which banana energy will come TO you as well as from you.

So now, if you want to do something that is known as "a totality endeavour" aka acting in accord, you do a metaphorical act IN THE HARD to represent the opening of the banana funnel on the energy plane in order to try and "balance the planes", make a connection between the planes, so they function together and in harmony as the creative order intended it to be and how it used to work before humans with their fledgling consciousnesses got in the way.

So you paint a banana on a piece of paper and chuck in the sea, or hang it on the wall, to make that transfer declaration appear in the Hard as well, using your hard hands and hard objects.

The banana picture would be known as a symbol and the actions are the ritual.

As to the law (rule) of "three", I hold it that this is a spurious number and not necessarily an exact number as it is very difficult to measure just how many "buckets of water" flow by in the brook at any given time.

I believe that this law of three was a teaching device, short hand or metaphor to get the gist across that when you do things magically, the same things start to flow in your direction automatically and exponentially MORE (to the power of 3, at least!) than you put out, because you're only opening a connection, not trading in some tit for tat market place in the Hard.


The Law Of Three - The Rule of Three - The Magic Law Of Return - The Modern Version

I would re-state that law of three (rule of three, law of return) for modern people to say:

1. Remember that when you throw out anything on the energy planes, it is not a single stone but opens a corridor, like a time lapse photograph of infinite stones that form in fact a funnel. These funnels are bi-directional in nature so as soon as the funnel is open, you get more (of the same) than you originally gave flowing right back to you and this will continue until you actively close the funnel from your side.

2. The act of "giving" is what makes that bridge to another energy field. You can't open a funnel by trying to take, or by sitting around hoping for one to appear at random and then try to jump on it.

3. Remember that information streams through these bridges so this can be used for learning about anything and anyone - in return for a gift.

4. It is entirely up to you WHAT exactly it is that you are giving, because that sets what you will learn more about (in theory and in practice!), WHAT you will experience more of, and WHAT it will be you have more of flowing towards you.

5. WHAT is given sets the exchange and outcome - not why it was given or any of the usual human contortions, excuses or reasonings, or even lies and deceptions. Those things don't exist in these realms.

6. These information bridges are entirely systemic and entirely structural in nature, and they can be made to anything at all, not only things that have representations in the Hard, or just people, or just animals, or just objects. They are also not time bound because in the realms of their existence, there is no linear time.

7. Once one has a contact with any system through the means of this information bridge, one may change that other system, but one is also changed through the contact with it at the same time, and to the same degree as to the completeness of that information bridge. When it is complete, there is no longer any distinction between the one, and the other.

Now that's ... MAGIC!

© The Law Of Three - The Rule of Three - The Magic Law Of Return SFX - Silvia Hartmann 2004

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