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The Deliverance Ritual

This is a very nice, powerful yet simple ritual to put the past behind you and get a fresh start. It was originally written for someone who wanted to get back with their husband after having treated him badly, but this basic ritual is very easily adjusted to cover "a multitude of sins" of all kinds.



Deliverance Spell

Get some nice paper and a meaningful pen and ink and a fire proof dish.

Three white candles in a triangle with the tip pointing away from you.

Light the candles and say, "I will undo the past this night, so that the future may be bright." for each one.

Cut the paper into small bits and on each one, write a short description of what exactly you did to hurt him, the "crime", if you will.

Like, "I slept with his best friend Bob." or, "I laughed behind his back," etc.

Keep doing this until each one of your "crimes" have been written down. It doesn't matter if they were little or large, but it does matter TO BE BRUTALLY HONEST JUST THIS ONCE and to get it all out.

When you have them all on separate little pieces of paper, you take three deep breaths and say, "I accept what I did do, now I move forward to the new." and burn the first one.

For each one you burn, you say the same thing again until you have only a bowl full of ashes.

You stand up and say, "The future is here, I am on my way. This is my will, this is my say. The new has begun, my will shall be done."

Extinguish the candles, take the ashes outside and let them be blown away by the wind.

Then, just sleep.

In the morning, things will be different.

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