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The 3 Million Hits Competition: And The Winners Are ...

The 3 Million Hits Competition: And The Winners Are ...

Congratulations to for attracting 3 Million hits since it came online! And congratulations to our competition winner - Shadowfae from the United Kingdom who won a beautiful full length skyblue velvet cloak kindly sponsored by Artemisia Dance Designs. For full results and a list of the runners up who each won a signed copy of "The Magician", as well as my personal thanks to all who entered and my The Gift, read on ...




Congratulations, Magic Spells & Potions!!!

Yes, we've done it - we have passed the 3 million visitors mark - right on the night when I was in Gatwick, UK, at the EMO conference and far from home! But we looked it up in the hotel lobby on the computers there and when it happened, a huge cheer went up and we had a drink to celebrate - which was really nice!

All together, we had over 1,300 entries from all over the World for the competition. Thank you so much for taking part and making this a very special celebration.

And now, drumroll please!

Here is the winner of our 3 Million Hits competition and it is:

Shadowfae - Sherry MacBeth from the United Kingdom.

Shadowfae Sherry MacBethShe says: ""My name is Sherry MacBeth (or ShadowFae to some). I am a lightworker on this life's path. Some also call me a Seer or Intuitive. In my clan I am known as the "ban-fhiosaiche". I started recognizing and working with my blessed abilities (clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance) from childhood. I have been walking and working with my spiritual path for 25 years, learning and working with many concepts and forms of divination in order to develop these abilities, so that I may help others. My purpose/life's mission is to help others discover their own gifts and inner light. I assist in helping others remove fears and blocks that may be keeping them from living their true potential."

Sherry has a website where you can say hello and now also, a beautiful sky blue cloak from Artemisia Dance Designs winging its way to her.


With so many delightful entries, I decided to draw some runner up prizes.

11 runners up will receive a signed copy of "The Magician" with my best wishes and sincere gratitude - and here they are:

Barbara from USA
who gave: A rowan tree

Switlana from the Ukraine
who gave: A lot of people coming to your site

JoAnne from USA
who gave: A golden waterfall that tones and sings!

Heather from Egypt
who gave: A beautiful bright brilliant orange sun shining down on an azure sea lapping on to a white sand cove with a single palm tree

William from Australia
who gave: Red cloud sheep

Jenni from Namibia
who gave: A shooting star

Monika from Germany
who gave: A beautiful long stemmed yellow rose, lying left to right diagonally on a golden-silvery framed mirror

James from USA
who gave: A good friend

Valerie from England
who gave: A heart

Trudi from Ireland
who gave: A kaleidoscope

Richard from USA
who gave: A smile :-)

Thank you so much to all who took part and helped make this celebration extra special. I'm looking forward to what the next years will bring.


And here is my gift to you:

A star diamond prism,
if you hold out your hands,
it floats in the air
on a level with your heart
and slowly spins,
refracting light into
all frequencies,
all the colours of the rainbow
and all the colours we can't see
with our ordinary eyes,
above and below,
which complete the spectrum,
for you to take the colours
you need at any time,
the right amount for you exactly,
so you feel soothed,
and gently energized,
and perhaps
a small spark of joy
will come to you,
will make you tingle,
will make you smile

You can recall this prism diamond any time you like, and use it too to send a gentle light to those you love.

With gratitude and delight, and winging our way up and away to the next level,



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