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The Sun Dance - Sun Spiral Summer Solstice Ritual

The Sun Dance - Sun Spiral Summer Solstice Ritual

This summer solstice "Dance of the Sun" ritual can be done in three ways - for one person in a full size space; for a group of people in a correspondingly larger space; and for a single person or group of people using a table top and representative avatar/s.

So there should be lots of summer solstice fun for everyone :-)

Comes with printable pdf and The Sun Dance mp3 for subscribers of Xtra Magic Ezine.

Summer Solstice Ritual

The Sun Spiral:

The Dance of The Sun Ritual

Energy Magic Ritual For Summer Solstice

created by SFX 2010


First, we need to mark out our space.

You need to scale this according to which version you want to do.

There must be plenty of room to walk around the outside of the circle, and to stand/sit/dance in the center of the circle.

The more people take part, the larger a circle must be made.

Summer solstice ritual diagram 1 - Sun Pentagram outline

Start with planning out a pentagram with the point facing up.

Mark the corners of the pentagram and the center, then develop a circle from the pentagram, keeping the five corner markers in place.

Sun Spiral Diagram - Solstice Ritual Diagram 2

Now mark out five spirals, and a larger center spiral.

It is important that all who take part in this summer solstice ritual fit into the middle spiral comfortably and can move about inside of it; that is exactly the same whether you are doing this by yourself, with a group, or on a table top with avatars.

Each one of the five outer spirals stands for a reflection of the sun, which is also a reflection of the soul.

For a summer solstice ritual, we want to bring together all our aspects, from all the levels and layers of existence into one space, to there, align with the sun and manifest the soul in the world through mind, body, spirit, thought, and action.

Once we are there - in the center spiral - we dance the Dance of the Sun, and this gives us a chance to make it known what we want, what we want to manifest, what we want to draw into our lives and create a powerful "drawing of the sun" ritual that works across the levels and the layers, to manifest right here in this life, most practically so.

So this is Part 1 of the Sun Summer Solstice Ritual, creating the Sun Circle.

2. Bless and activate the sun circle.

If the circle is full size, walk around the outside of the circle in a clockwise direction and invite all who want to come and help on this occasion to take part. You can do this according to your own ideas of what is needed to activate a power circle, or you can evoke the following:

Circle of the sun,

I walk thee

Circle of the sun,

I create thee,

Circle of the sun,

I awaken thee.

NB. On the table top version, move your hands over the circle instead.

Sun spiral ritual instructions for summer solstice magic ritual

3. Starting at the top, take your place in the first spiral and evoke: "All that I know."

Take a moment to let the resonanceย  happen, then move on to the next spiral and evoke, "All that I feel."

Take a moment, then move on to the next spiral and evoke, "All that I think."

Take a moment, then move on to the fourth spiral, "All that I do."

Take a moment, then move on to the fifth spiral, "All that I love."

NB - If you are doing this ritual with lots of people, have them all standing on the circle outline together, and say those things together, facing inwards.

NB - In the table top version, use your avatar if you are on your own as for the single person, if there are more than just you, say it together without moving the avatars around the circle yet.

4. Now walk the circle and chant, "All that I know, All that I feel, All that I think, All that I do, All that I love".

Walk the circle and chant until you can feel power building and a desire rising to start spiralling inward, towards the center.

NB - In the big group version, one person leads the circle and they lead the circle spiralling towards the center.

NB - In the table top version, if there is more than one person involved, make people all take turns at moving the avatars around and towards the center as you chant.

5. When you are in the center, stop.

Really feel the focus of the energy in the center of the spiral and when you are ready, say, "All that I am."

Let the resonance fade and repeat, "All that I am."

And for the third time, "All that I am."

6. Now one person speaks the Summer Solstice Sun Spiral evocation:

Our sun our star that shines so bright
that gives us life, that brings us light
tonight we celebrate your name
tonight to dance with you we came
from near and far, from east and west,
from north and south, and what is best
is that we bring ourselves to thee
to give and take in harmony
your blessings on this holy night
in gold, in light, in truth, and right.

You shine upon us, golden bright
you shine in day, you shine in night,
and our hearts reflect your shine
true golden hearts be yours, and mine.

True golden hearts, true golden mind,
true golden body all combined,
now ready to make work and love,
empowered by our star above,
our center, our immortal soul,
that holds us safe and makes us whole,
our center, heart and soul of gold,
our riches, powers, love untold

And as the sun shines on our land
so do we fully understand
that each of us is born a star
a sun is who we really are
a sun that blesses, shines so clear
brings life and love to far and near

So let us celebrate the sun
so let us step into the sun
so let us draw the power of the sun

and now the sun dance has begun ...

7. Now, you dance.

Dance in the old way, by taking this opportunity to let everyone - God, angels, the powers that be, all helpful spirits, all aspects, levels and layers of yourself, your ancestors, your progenitors and whoever else might be involved - know who you are, and what you want from this life.

Allow yourself to be expressive and emotional.

Even in the table top version, it is a good idea to now get up and dance.

If this is not possible, someone should lead a dance meditation to make sure that dancing is taking place, because this is what energizes, catalyses and seals the ritual.

Start dancing in the center, then let yourself dance the whole circle, and then out of the circle, the circle and outside being connected by the dance and becoming one and the same as the final aligment of the levels.


Some other tips: Orange juice is a good drink, or something with orange juice, such as Bucks Fizz, or sangria, or a magic concoction of your own making.

All things golden, yellow and orange are great to include in food and drink served before, during and after the sun summer solstice celebrations, so think honey, sunflowers, cider, brandywine, whiskey, beer, golden wheat cake, cakes with lemon icing or orange icing, that kind of thing.

You can amend this basic ritual as you please; and to celebrate MSAPs new beginnings this Summer Solstice 2010, we also have The Sun Dance mp3 complete with the ritual wordings for the Summer Solstice Ritual and some fabulous drums as a gift for you in the Xtra Magic downloads section, and the ritual on a page in pdf format so you can print it out and don't need your computer nearby.

The sun, gold, manifestation, our soul, our bodies and our hands; the lands in which we live, our loves, family, relationships, our abundance and ability to create reality - that's what Summer Solstice is all about, and this ritual will give a wonderful opportunity to express your personal desires and what you want in your life on this holy night of the Summer Solstice.


The Sun Dance by Silvia MP3

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