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Spell To Reveal The True Colors Of A Person

Spell To Reveal The True Colors Of A Person

Willow Fairy writes: I've just joined - I wonder if you can help me with a spell for someone who as come into are circle of close friends, she is always putting other friends down. I have taken a back seat so far, but is there some way I could get her to show her true colors before see does anymore damage? thank you x

Here is a simple spell to reveal the true colors or the true heart of a person:

Take a rose, preferably a red rose but for this spell, any colour will do in a pinch apart from white which is a different story altogether.

If you have a personal belonging of the person in question (hair, something they wrote, piece of their clothing, a photograph (if a group shot, cut it out so it shows only the person) etc.) tie this to the stem of the rose with red string or yarn.

If you don't, write the person's full name on a piece of paper and tie this to the rose stem instead.

Now light three candles (any color will do, I use yellow, red and white for mind, heart and soul) for the powers that be to assist you.

Take the rose, and start pulling off the petals from the outside in and say:

Reveal yourself

show yourself

your glamours will fail

like these petals now fall

your own true heart

will be revealed

for all to see

naked and raw

so shall it be.

Then as you pluck off the rest of the petals, say on each one:

The truth shall be revealed

When all the petals are off and the rose is "naked", wrap it up in some tissue paper and bind it up with more red string. Put it somewhere safe until the spell has done what it needs to do, then burn it.

Directly after the spell, go outside and scatter the petals to the winds.

Good blessings,



NB 1: What is particularly good about this spell is that even with all the petals off, it's still clearly a rose. This is a safe guard in case you are wrong about the person - their true nature will be revealed in this spell. If their nature was good and their true colors were true after all, this spell not only doesn't do any harm, it STRENGTHENS the person on whom it was cast.

NB2: Before anyone asks, yes, it's got to be a rose. If you use a carnation for this spell, it's not THIS spell any longer.

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