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Spell To Get A Literary Agent For A Writer

Spell To Get A Literary Agent For A Writer

The request: "So what alter sacrifice or ritual do you suggest for hunting-and-gathering a literary agent in the new year?"

Here is the simple spell; and you can replace "agent" with any other type of person you want to attract who needs to see "the star inside."

Write out on a piece of paper (blood is optional):

By air, by fire, land and sea
my agent will now come to me
will see the star that I shall be
this is my will, so will it be.

Then you light a fire and burn the paper.
Good luck!


This is the "heart of the spell." You can make it into more of a ritual by choosing a special date to do it, add all manner of bells and whistles around this, but I find that's not necessary. Pure and simple works best.

May your dreams come true

With love from StarFields

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