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Spell To Break Up My Son & His Girlfriend?

Spell To Break Up My Son & His Girlfriend?

Jontha wrote: "I have the following problem. My son is 15 and he goes out with a girl aged 21. I consider that their relationship is not ok. My question is: can I use the ,,cutting the ties that bind us'' spell to influence somehow their separation, or isn't fair from me to get involved? And a silly question: if it is fair and I can do it without breaking universal laws, can I use green string instead of red? [for the moment, I don't have red string in the house]. Thank you for reading me and many blessings to you!!"

StarFields answers:

You're right - it's not fair for you to get involved in this sort of destructive way.

Not only isn't it fair to use magic to split up people's relationships, it is very, very dangerous and unhealthy. 

The repercussions are epic and get worse as time goes on - nothing good can come of it.

I appreciate your desire to protect your (young) son from negative influences, and the young ones must be protected of course.

Here's the postive, powerful approach to the problem.

Focus on your son, the connection you have with him, and send your son your love, strengthen his heart, and strengthen your faith in HIS soul, HIS path, HIS purpose.

And above all else, your total and unconditional support and desire to grow up to be the man he will become.

That's a wonderful thing to do and has the best results across the board.

You might also find this metaphysical parenti article interesting.

LOVE is the most powerful force in the Universe. It heals, empowers, protects, enriches and makes us all better people, enlightens everyone who touches it.

By focusing on love, we create the greatest transformations and the best outcomes for everyone concerned. 

You have an ocean of love to give inside of you - go for it and be amazed at the results!


With my best blessings,




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