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Spells can be most intriguing when they are SUNG rather than just spoken. What do you think hymns are, at the end of the day? :-) Now, writing your own spell song can be daunting. But you don't have to. You can RE-WRITE a folk song or a pop song to have the right energy for what you want, what you desire. Singing such a song when you need it is old, powerful and very natural magic indeed.

Here is an example of mine.

This is a most well known and simple folk song, generally known as "My Bonnie lies over the ocean".

For me, that was tied into a major bereavement and always made me cry, until one night, quite by accident, I got a hold of myself and found myself "singing a different song", one where the problem is resolved, FINALLY, and a good outcome is had. I can honestly say that with the feelings of this particular bereavement (and the underlying injuries in the energy system!) this song is the only thing that has ever helped.

More than that, it has gotten me in just a couple of weeks to a place where I am feeling WELL when I think of "my Bonnie" now.

And it's much, much cheaper and nicer than sitting in a psychologist's office and going through "all that" yet again ...

But anyway. Let my Bonnie be an inspiration to you to make your own "magic songs" and use them to sing joy, resolution and even prosperity into your life.

Lots of love,



Bonnie 2004

My Bonnie lies over the ocean,
my Bonnie lies over the sea,
my Bonnie lies over the ocean,
oh bring back my bonnie to me.

For so many years I've been lonely,
I sat and looked out at the sea.
For so many years I've been waiting
for Bonnie to come home to me.

But one night in thunder and lightning
when rain lashed the stormy black sea,
I raised heart and will in a calling
to bring back my Bonnie to me.

The old ocean wind heard my calling,
The old ocean wind heard my plea,
And went to where Bonnie had fallen
and brought back my Bonnie to me.

My Bonnie is here in my heart now.
My Bonnie lies here now with me.
And ne'er will my Bonnie be lonely,
forever together we'll be.

Melody: Traditional
Lyrics: Traditional/SFX 2004

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