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Spell Ritual To Improve Family Harmony

Spell Ritual To Improve Family Harmony

"Dear Starfields, can you suggest a spell or ritual to stop a family from fighting and restore love and peace? Thanks, Jerry." - That's an interesting challenge and one you can do a lot with. Here's a very easy, but extremely profound way of doing this (it's profound because this type of spell and ritual is VERY, VERY OLD magic, very elemental).

Go out and find somewhere where you can look for some stones in piece and quiet.

You will need one stone each to represent the members of the family.

As you're looking, keep the one person you're dealing with at the time strongly in mind, and as soon as you have the stone, dedicate it immediately by holding it in your hand to your heart, closing your eyes and saying, "This stone is (Aunt Mary)".

Get a pen and some tissue paper and write the name of the person on the paper, wrap the stone and keep going until you have all the family represented. Don't forget yourself! (YOU are in this instance a magician acting from above and upon everyone, including yourself).

Bring the stones home.

If you work in a circle, cast one; if not, get a clean table cloth or bedsheet and put down on the floor to define your work area.

This is where it gets really interesting.

Arrange the stones to represent the family as it is now.

Follow your feelings and intuitions on this completely to create a representation, a GRID, of the existing conditions with all the conflicts as it is.

Allow yourself to become completely fascinated and drawn into this, in essence you are going into a deep trance as you are dealing with these stones which are the people.

When you have the representation as it now is established, sit back for a time and just look at it, learn from it, explore it, KNOW what that is and what is going on on many different levels.

When you are ready, put both hands on your heart and say out aloud, "Universal forces, guide me with love and harmony, always."

Now begin to move the stones to make the grid flow better, more balanced, more powerful, more strong, more interactive - RIGHTER, in other words.

Get the new layout as right as you possibly can get it, then hold both hands over it in a gesture of blessing and let your intention for love, harmony and strength pour down on this new layout, touching everyone within it, healing them, making them stronger, giving them vitality, health and happiness.

When the grid glows and you really are feeling that it does, sit back, say out aloud, "It is done."

Put all the stones together in a bag or a box and put them somewhere safe. You might want to use them again in future as the dynamics shift, to make even greater improvements.

Be blessed, always

SFX 2006

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