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Spell Ritual Protection Against Bullying

Spell Ritual Protection Against Bullying

I received a request for a spell against prejudice and bullying at work. That is a very unpleasant situation which can cause severe stress as it is so ongoing and the next day, it starts all over again. The symbol and ritual used here can be easily worked for others in similar situations, including bullying at school.


Dear X,

That's an unpleasant situation to be in.

I'm hoping you have a dedicated workstation somewhere, if you're hotdesking, you might need to make a portable version of this, stickers or magnets perhaps.

There's a really powerful protection symbol against "sub tribes":

It has 13 spikes to protect but still leaves a space for information to come in (which you need to change the situation later).

Put that in any form, even drawn on with a permanent marker, south, east, north, west of your work station to create a holy ground in which you can work under full protection.

What is so neat about this is that when you draw it, for the spiral you say (in your head if necessary):

This is the true evolving me

always safe and sound I'll be

from below and from above

always in eternal love.


For each of the 13 spikes, you dedicate this to one of your strengths which will become your defence grid, such as:





common sense


... well you know what your own true strengths really are.

When all four are in place, not only do you have a superb defence mesh that remains steady and is custom made for you alone, but it will also lift you and give you completely new ideas as to how to deal with these guys.

See how you get on,

and blessed be,


PS - You can also draw the symbol on a T-Shirt or such and WEAR it over your heart under your other cloth.


Soul protection symbol in purple

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