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A Spell For More Luck And Less Negativity In A Husband

A Spell For More Luck And Less Negativity In A Husband

Anna Claire writes:

Dear Starfields, I need a spell to cast on behalf of my husband to get more luck to flow for him. He has been very down lately, and we are looking at selling our business but he is very negative regarding life and sometimes feel that he does not deserve good luck. I would really like to change this. I hope that you can help me. Thank you for a great website!

Regards, Anna Claire


Dear Anna Claire,

I had a tune into that and you're right that you need more flow in your husband. There's something stuck which is stopping life energy from flowing as it should and that needs to be dissolved/made to go away.

Luck is only one of many energy forms that flow freely when such blockages are removed.

I don't know how experienced you are with this sort of thing, so I'm trying to work out something simple but strong enough so that it will work.

Ok so what I keep getting is to use a black stone (just a simple stone, from a field, or a shore, or anywhere, about the size of a small egg) to help draw out that what is stuck in him and causes his negativity and lack of joy in life, as well as stops him from believing in a good future with faith and hope.

We should also have a corresponding white stone to go with it, it seems.


1. Find the two stones.

2. Clean them by placing them in a bowl of salt water overnight.

3. Light a candle and first of all, hold the black stone. Say to the stone:

Stone, please draw to yourself
all that is dark,
all that is old,
all that is stale,
all tales untold.

Hold the stone for a moment and notice how it begins to draw things from you as you hold it. You can use it too, it won't fill up but is a portal to suck away old or negative energy.

Give it a kiss and thank it for its help, put it down.

4. Now pick up the white stone. Hold it and say:

Stone, please send our way
all things new
all things bright
all things good
all things right.

Hold the stone for a moment and notice how it begins to draw energy from outside and send it into you. You can use it too because it just channels bright new energy.

Give it a kiss and thank it for its help, put it down next to the black stone for now.

5. Hold your hands out over both stones and feel how one draws, and the other pushes. Enjoy that for a moment and say,

Stones, work together
black and white,
day and night
here and now,
you and me,
it's my will,
so shall it be.

Blow out the candle and the stones are ready for use.

6. Now place the black stone near where your husbands feet would be in or under the bed, under the mattrass is best. Place the white stone where his head would be.

7. Lie on the bed in the position your husband would be in and activate the stones, by feeling strongly the drawing out at your feet and the entering in of fresh energy through your head.

All done!

Leave this arrangement for about a week, then see how it goes. Sometimes the stones need to have the ceremony repeated (including cleaning them first) after a week or two; sometimes they've done the job and then you should take them away and return them to nature with your thanks.

Hope this will help you and your husband,

my blessings as well,



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