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A Spell Against Hurtful Words

A Spell Against Hurtful Words

I received a request from someone who was very upset because a "certain word" was being used on them, to hurt them, on a regular basis by "silly boys" in their environment.

Now it is said that "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me" but that is actually not true.

Words are the audible part of an energy package being sent; and words can be swords, and arrows, and they can cause intense injury as well as cut to the quick.

Indeed, words can be such hard core magical devices that a single word said at at a vulnerable time, like "You are a loser!" can become REALITY for a person's entire incarnation.

That is heavy duty magic indeed and causes intense suffering. The "healing spell" I am advising to this young person, inexperienced in the ways of magic or modern psychology or personal development, is in fact, EMO Energy In Motion.

It is the perfect healing spell to break the power of "the word" and end the suffering.

Here is my response:


This is about ownership of a "magic word". They have found a "magic word" that has the power to hurt you.

As long as it has this magical effect on you, of course they will continue to use it - as you say, they are stupid boys and they're probably very excited to have discovered they have such *power*.

I have two sons, and one of them used to pick up our cat and squeeze it to get it to make a weird noise. He did this for two years, at least once a day and never got tired of it, no matter what I said; but then the cat just stopped making the weird noise one day. I guess it had finally figured it out. He squeezed a bit harder for two, three days - nothing. So then he left the cat alone. It wasn't funny anymore, it wasn't worth it.

It's structural, I guess.

Here's what you need to do to take the power out of the magic word that makes you cringe.

Write it in big letters on a piece of paper, with a big, thick pen.

Lay it face down on the ground before you.

Take a deep breath and turn it over, let the word assault you.

Pay attention.

Where do you feel that in your body?

(A pain sensation, a hot pressure, nasty, an ACTUAL body feeling)

Put your hands on that place, close your eyes, and say out aloud:

"Healing hands of mine,
heal this.





Breathe deeply until you can feel the feeling dissolve, drain away.

Take another deep breath and open your eyes, look at the words again.

Where do you feel this in your body?

It sometimes can be still the same place, but now it's less painful - that means your healing is working, and just repeat it a few more times until you can look at the word and it means absolutely nothing, or even makes you laugh.

That means their "spell" on you is broken and that whole thing is over now.

Sometimes you can feel another pain in another part of your body, like a tightness in the throat or something like that.

Should that be the case, place your hands right there and repeat the healing spell until that place, too, is healed.

Either way, continue on until you do not feel any pain anymore when you see the word.

Now, speak the word.

If there's any pain left, use the healing spell.

You're ready now to take this into the actual environment and wait for them to "squeeze the cat" again. PAY ATTENTION if there's any pain left; heal that as soon as you get a chance, but while you're there, say loudly in your head, "Soften and flow!" to minimize the damage to your energy body.

This works for all insults, all such "spells" that people use like weapons to hurt you and destroy your energy system (which then makes you feel weak and have no confidence).

It's a great skill to have learned, so give this a good old try. If you have a friend, try throwing insults at each other and then healing the injuries thus revealed together. This is called EMO and it really works.

Blessings on top,




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