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A Spell To Help A Mother?

A Spell To Help A Mother?

Saryana writes: Hello! I would like to ask you for a spell for my mother. She was very ill, now she is recovering, but not quite and very slowly. How can I help her to become as strong and healthy as she has always been, please.

Thank you in advance.




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Hi Saryana,

It's always tricky with older people, so what I might suggest first of all is that you get in touch with her higher self and ask what she needs to become hearty and healthy again, and THEN make a spell to provide THAT.

This is quite simple; you just need to light a candle, sit quietly in the dark with it, with a photo of your mother, and ask to speak to her higher self.

You can imagine meeting with the higher self somewhere, in a landscape or a building that is suitable, and ask directly what your mother needs to regain a will to health and a joy of life, which is essential for long term recovery.

That's the first step, anyway.

Blessings to you both for now,


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