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Spell For Luck

Spell Keywords: Luck spell, understanding what luck is better, aligning with luck and fortune, being fortunate, being lucky.

Luck Spell

Rightful places,

rightful people,

rightful realms,

rightful time,

guide me towards these

and make them all mine,

guide my hands, my heart,

my thoughts, my mind,

lucky sparks for me to find.

Guide my feet and guide my way

luck flows through me every day

I step into my lucky flow

This is my will, now make it so!

SFX 2004



Lucky Magic: The Secret Song

The Secret Song: Bring More Luck Into Your Life!

A magical meditation to get closer to Lady Luck and invite her into your life! In this wonderful meditation, you will experience luck in a new way - special moments, special places, luck fields and winds of luck where for a time, reality is quite different. The lucky ones can spot those luck streams and step inside them, and so can you - by learning to hear the secret song.

A wonderfully uplifting, deeply magical and absolutely effective energy magic meditation, created by StarFields with magic music by Ananga Sivyer - don't delay, get more luck into YOUR life today!

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