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Spell for Hair Loss?

Spell for Hair Loss?

Sanje writes: Dear Lady,

My hair fall a lot and they don't grow like used to be, I tried fertilising spell but did not work I know this does not look very big problem but it is, I know there has to spell that work for my hair loss but I can't find it.

I would really appriciate your help, if you make one spell for my hair to get thick dont fall and grow fast. please don't think this request stuped because it is not for me, I'm despret please help me.

> thank you > sanje > thank you >



Dear Sanje,

I had a sense of intense heat coming out of your head which is killing the hair.

So I'm thinking, not a spell, something else, energy work instead.

Do a meditation morning, noon and night to calm your energy flow, especially the central "pillar of fire". It should really be a pillar of cool white light.

Try speeding it up a bit, see if that cools it down.

When I say meditation, I don't mean lying flat on your back.

Do this standing up, with movement to encourage the energy flow.

Cooling blessings,


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