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Spell For Decision Making

Spell For Decision Making

Dear Starfields,ย 
I am a 23 year old girl. I find it difficult to make up my mind on an important matter. Could you please suggest a spell that can guide me in decision making and help me choose wisely?ย 

StarFields writes:

What I do is to get some stones, as many as you have choices (let's say three men ask you to marry them, so you take three stones).

You write a word that represents the choice on each one. In the example, the names of each one of the men. If it's jobs, the names of the companies involved. If it is a simple Yes/No choice, just write that on the stones.

Get one more stone, that stands for your heart.

Sit at a table, put the heart stone in the middle.

Now place the others down where they want to go.

Sometimes you see right away that one is further from your heart than the other/s.

If they are all much the same, you move one at a time closer to your heart stone and pay attention how that feels. If it feels good, that's a yes, if it feels uncomfortable, it's a no.

Play with that until you are clear about your FEELINGS which are more important than your thoughts (that's where the magic is, that's where the heart is, that's where the soul is).

Then you keep the one that's your choice, and throw the other stone/s away - into a river, or a field or such.

It's an interesting thing to do.

Best of luck with that,


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