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Spell - Beauty's Power

Spell - Beauty's Power

Spell To Allow Men To See The True Beauty Of A Woman, regardless of age, looks, or any other outside influence.

This is not a glamour but instead, a veil removing so that the true beauty can shine out.

Spell To Allow Men To See The True Beauty Of A Woman

Beauty's Power
All the men
now can see
the true beauty
that is me.

They bow their heads
and bend their knee
see what once
they could not see.

Let my beauty power shine
and the choice will still be mine
which ones love me beautifully
for I am love?s reality.

Let all men my beauty see,
Tis my will, so shall it be.

NB: This works regardless of age, "classic beauty" or any other societal standard, because it has nothing to do with that, but relies on the soul to shine - that is the truth and the strongest attraction possible, the most precious and the most valuable.

To OTHERS it may seem as though someone who has seen the true beauty of a non-standard Barbie woman is "bewitched" or "under a glamour spell", but that's not so, this spell is not to create illusions but rather, to break them.

True shining women can and do have any man, any age, any status, any level of money, power or intelligence because they are rare treasures.

It is ONLY THOSE WHO DO NOT SHINE who need to make up for it with large breast implants and endless diets, subservient behaviour and giggling at jokes, giving in to all and every demand of fashion or ownership, because if they did not, they would never stand a chance and really be NOTHING AT ALL.

For those who do know how to shine and really do have a heart and a soul, all that construct stuff becomes immaterial and they will be able to pick and choose from ANYONE AT ALL AT WILL.

SFX 2004

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