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Spell For An Angry Husband

Spell For An Angry Husband

Arya writes: I want my husband to forget one incident of our life forever or long time, it's tearing both of us we really love each other, some one hypnotise me to do very bad thing my husband saw it.

I really wish you can help me it's very importent it's been 2 year and he is still as mad.

We have been married for 10 years and we have 2 kids togather, I never did anything like this, but this happend and I don't want my marriage to end I really love him

please help me. thank you.


Dear Arya,

the reason that he is still mad is that he is still hurting.

The incident caused an injury in his spirit body, and as long as this isn't healed, he'll be in pain and angry.

I suspect that you also got injuries from the events as well, so in essence you both need healing, not of the body, but of the spirit.

Try the following.

Sit in a dark room, quiet, with a single candle.

Breathe deeply and see your husband standing in front of you in the room.

Let his physical body phase away and say clearly, in your mind or out aloud, that you want to see his spirit.

Look for any dark places, or burning places or any sign of injury in his spirit person.

Take a deep breath, raise your healing hands and say,

I seek to heal you,
to refresh you,
to brighten your spirit.

With my healing hands
I ask that what was broken
will now be whole;
what was wrong,
be put to rights.

Let energy stream out of your healing hands, do this with love, that's the greatest power boost, and notice how that changes the ereas of injury.

You might repeat this over a number of days until it is all done.

That should make a tremendous difference to how your husband feels.

For you, I recommend the heart healing spell.

Start with that and see how you go.

Healing blessings to you all,


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