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Soul Funeral To Reunite Two Lovers After Death

Soul Funeral To Reunite Two Lovers After Death

Dennis writes:

I need help with an important situation that has arisen. I have looked in vain for an answer and hope that you will be able to help me. I'm looking for a spell to reunite two lovers after death.

My problem is that my friends mother had her wishes disregarded on how her body should be disposed of, her instructions were left so that everything would happen in the same way as had for her lover, but her wishes were hidden from us till after the funeral.

So as she has now been given a different type of last rights and funeral to her lover, we cannot be sure that their spirits have not been sent to different places.

We want to do what we can to ensure that they can still spend eternity together... so any help on spells to help them find each other and remain together...

We would be very grateful...




Hi Dennis.

The best way to do this as far as I see is to conduct a third funeral that involves them both, a "soul funeral".

Depending on how far you want to take this, it can involve a lot of people, traditional plots and ceremony, but in the essence you would take one item that was important to each person, or pertained to that person (a letter, a photograph, a relevant object such as a ring) and place both into a single casket together, which is then buried in a place which would have appealed to both.

You would say something along the lines of:

Though your bodies lie apart,

your spirits are free

to find one another

to dance with one another

in love and in eternity.

There is no need for any headstone or marker because the ceremony itself is what counts here (it is a NON PHYSICAL ceremony in essence), but you can put one up if that helps the bereaved, bearing both their names, or plant a rose or tree above the casket.

If this is not possible, you can also release the casket (which may only be a small box, practically speaking) into the ocean, or into a river, or you can burn it if that feels right.

This works by your intention setting up a beacon which draws both to the same place/time and where both can meet again.

Hope that helps and I am sorry for your friend's loss.


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