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Simple Ritual - Stone and Sea

Ritual Keywords: Spell for beginners, simple practise ritual, getting rid of thoughts, things, emotions, influences, elementary, safe, simple spell using stones and sea.

On any stony shore of any ocean, or in a suitable Project Sanctuary environment, find a private spot.

Look at the sea and say:

"Ocean of life, ancient sea,

take what I will give to thee."

Wait until you have aligned yourself with the vastness and infinite potential of the oceans to clean and recharge, to change and to make whole, then pick up the first stone (let yourself be guided to which one wants to help you with this specific thing).

Hold the stone in your hands, close your eyes and let "all that" flow from wherever it is stored within you into the stone and don't stop until it is all gone from you and all inside the stone.

Then step to the water's edge and say,

"Ocean of life, ancient sea,

I am giving this (person, heartache, illness, problem, old decision et al) to thee.

Take it away from me and the land,

with your power to turn the mountains to sand.

Ocean of life, ancient sea,

I am giving (etc) to thee."

Then you take a deep breath, and throw the stone into the water.

Bow to the ancient ocean, then turn and walk away immediately.


NB: If you want to do this again, find a different spot or do something else in between each stone and each problem.




Stone and Sea by SFX
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