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Simple Money Spell For Another Person

Simple Money Spell For Another Person

Desmond writes: Do you know a simple money spell I can do on behalf of a good friend?

He really needs money to come to him fast.

Thanks for any ideas!

A very simple spell is to take a photograph of the person (if you don't have one, carefully write out their full name on a piece of paper); whatever you have in the way of coins and notes in your purse or about your house.

Put four candles in a square and the photo in the middle.

Gather the money in both hands. Hold it over the photo. Take three deep breaths and concentrate on the person.

Now rain all the money on the photo and say,

From above, from below
money will now come to you
money rains, and money flows
Its my will and it is so.

Leave the money on the photo overnight or until the candles have burned right down (if you start with smaller candles or tealights, that's safer and faster).

Then wrap up what's left of the candles, one coin, one note and the photograph; tie it in a bundle of tissue paper with green string and put it in a safe place.

When the person had their money problems solved, you can take back the coin and note and throw the rest away because the spell is done.

Sending you waves of gold and green also,



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