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Simple Healing Spell For Someone You Love

Simple Healing Spell For Someone You Love

Dear Starfields,  I was wondering if you might have a simple healing spell for my mom who is very sick. We have tried medicines and we're running out of options. I can't stand seeing her in pain. If you don't have a specific spell for diseases like this then if you have a tiny spell that maybe helps with pain or something that'd be great. Thanks so much! 

StarFields writes:

This is my favourite healing spell, it is powerful and I recommend this spell highly.

A simple and lovely way to send regular distance healing to someone you love is to choose a small stone. Hold it in your hand to your heart, close your eyes and send all your love to your mother through the stone.

Put the stone into a little nest of cotton wool on your bedside table and use it each night and morning to send GOOD THINGS to your mother, whatever comes to mind. Happiness, peace, joy, a favourite flower, a power animal - hold the stone to your heart, close your eyes and send these things with love, from your heart to her heart, to make it strong so it can help fight the illness.

Through the stone, you can also ask for higher help in healing, for example, calling in your guardian angels, but the important thing is to use the power of the heart for this healing spell. 

One of the oldest spells there are, one of the simplest, but by far and away my favourite healing spell of all.

I send you my blessings also,

Starfields x 

 December 2012


The main power in this spell is the "heart to heart" energy transmission.

To strengthen the person's HEART - that's the most powerful thing you can do.

Often people who are sick, but also those who are love sick, or are being bullied, have constant bad luck in every way, those people suffer FROM A BROKEN HEART.

Heart Healing is the most powerful spell because it doesn't just affect one thing, it affects the whole person, makes them stronger and smarter, they feel better, make better choices, treat others better and themselves too.

If you want a spell to help a friend, or heal a friend in crisis, then the basic Heart Healing spell is the simplest and most powerful spell you can learn to do.

Focus on your loved one's heart.

To help you do that, you can draw a heart with their name on it, or use a photograph if you will. 

Place one hand on your own heart, the other on the name or photograph.

Close your eyes and think about them, and about how much you love them.

You need to REALLY REALLY FEEL powerful emotions rising up as you do that, that's the energy you need to transmit to your loved one.

Feel the energy flowing out of you and into the picture, THROUGH the picture and reaching your friend's heart of energy, making it stronger, feeding it, making it more radiant.

You can tell when you're done, when the energy receedes and you take a deep breath.

Do it twice a day, once in sun and once in moon, for as long as you feel it's needed.

Very powerful magic indeed that gets ever better with practice.


Live and love well and more with each passing day,


Starfields 2014




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