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Shamanic Self Healing Drawing Ablution

Shamanic Self Healing Drawing Ablution

This is a very simple, very old method of self healing through ablution but in the hands of someone who has a sense for energy and a will to healing or self healing, a profoundly healing experience indeed.

Here are the instructions for the shamanic self healingΒ  "Drawing Ablution" ritual.


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Shamanic Self Healing Drawing Ablution

The purpose of this ritual is to draw negativity, the energy of sickness, tiredness, disease or whatever doesn't belong to a healthy body out of the energy system and into a receptacle that will in the end be destroyed by fire (or burned, to you and me) to dispose of the negative energy forms it has attracted in safety.

This is simply done by imbuing a number of disposable cloths (leaves were used for this in the olden days) with a drawing potion and washing the body with it all over.

Unlike in a normal ceremonial ablution (washing), in this ritual negative energy forms are drawn out of the deepest structures in the energy body.

In the original form, we would be only dealing with naturally occurring disease fields; we modern people have a lot more to draw out of the deep structures of our bodies, and that includes judgements and negative thoughts and beliefs about our own bodies, most definitely.

The shamanic ablution, if performed with a will and good attention, is probably one of the most powerful self healing rituals I know, and it is simple to do. It just takes about half an hour of your time and the creation of a time space where you will absolutely NOT be disturbed and can feel safe to enter into a deep meditation with your body, your energy body, your mind, your soul and the higher powers that be.

All those together will "cleanse you of negative energy forms" and leave you amazingly light, relaxed, joyous and with a deep sense of reconnection.

Here is the simple shamanic drawing ablution ritual step by step.

1. Prepare the drawing potion.

The simplest form is water, and salt; for every shot glass of water, one teaspoon of salt.

Any salt including ordinary cooking or table salt will do, but if you want to, you can use special salts such as sea salt, mountain-, rock- or mineral salt by themselves or in mixtures; or something even more exotic such as Dead Sea salt.

The main point is that we should have water and salt, and if you have that, you are good to go.

2. Prepare a number of drawing cloths.

I recommend the small cotton make up removal pads as they are handy and very reminiscent of the special leaves used in the rituals of old; cotton is a natural material and highly absorbend to energy forms. You can also use small squares cut from an old cotton towel, kitchen towel, or cotton wool. Avoid using anything plastic, leather, wool or silk.

You will need about a dozen of those.

3. Prepare your environment and yourself.

Ideally, this self healing ritual is performed in the nude; but you can wear a blanket or a very loose type of garment if you prefer, as long as you can get to every part of your body without hindrance.

Therefore, you really want to make sure that you will not be disrupted by anyone at all; lock the doors and bar them, if necessary, because you really cannot get into this ritual if you have to keep one eye open for intruders, whoever they may be.

Make sure your phone is under a cushion, and create the right healing atmosphere with light, candles, music, scents and comfort for all your senses.

Have your salt water drawing potion to hand and we're ready to begin.

4. The Drawing Ablution

Dip your finger into the salt water and place just one or two drops on the first pad. Don't drench it, we have to burn these afterwards! A few drops are quite enough.

Now starting at your feet, with small, circular movements, draw out all and any negative energy forms that may have assembled in your feet and toes.

Pay attention and FEEL these forms of tiredness, weariness, unhealth, unlovingness being drawn out of your feet and into the cloth.

You can get a sense when the cloth is all used up and has taken as much as it can hold; put it to one side and take the next one.

Continue all over your body and be VERY sure not to leave anything out; cover the whole area of your skin and hair.

If there are places on your body you cannot reach, attach the cloth to a stick and use it like a magic wand that channels your intention to draw negative energies into the cloth/pad/cotton wool/leaf just the same as if you were holding it in your hand.

If your attention should wander, keep focused on the PHYSICAL SENSATIONS of the cloth on your skin, and the very real energy sensations of the unwanted energies being drawn out of your deepest structure.

5. Grace Time

When you are all done, take a moment to give grace for your physical body and all its functions and sensations; and enjoy the wonderful feelings of lightness and relaxation and love for yourself the shamanic drawing ablution ritual produces.

6. Burning The Cloths

Now gather up the cloths/pads and take them somewhere where you can burn them.

Make sure you do this right away; you can burn them one at a time, or all at once (in an old cooking pot for example) but make sure you do burn them and get a real sense of these negative energy forms being taken away, returned to source, released and no longer connected to you in any way.

And that is the completed Shamanic Drawing Ablution ritual.

You can customise and personalise this basic process in many different ways; and you can also perform the ritual for another - a child, lover or animal, for example in much the same way.

Very powerful, very healing, very primal, and highly recommended.

SFX May 2009

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