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Search For My Lost Psychic Abilities

Search For My Lost Psychic Abilities

Linda writes: I would like some information on how to request a spell to help in my search for psychic abilities. I was told I had some psychic abilities when I was younger but no longer.

I want to know what it's all about.

Thanks so much - Linda

Dear Linda,

Here is a guided meditation called First Sanctuary. It is very easy and designed for beginners to build an outpost in the overworld (dreamtime, shamanic world etc).

During the meditation, you get to meet a guide.

Once you have done this once, you can go back to that place (because you now know where that is) and ask your guide to help you find your psychic self again.

Every person who is even remotely interested in magic needs to know how to do Project Sanctuary to contact their guides, ancestors, the spirit world, guardian animals and for quite literally 1001 other purposes.

If you think your loss of psychic abilities was due to something bad that happened to you in childhood, you might consider modern energy work. Energy work for magic problems is very effective and 100% modern, gentle and right for people who have psychic abilities, magical people as we call them. and for whom standard psychology is of no use whatsoever.

Wishing you good fortune with that as well,


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