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Say Goodbye To Past Loves - Journey Into The Future

Message: I am looking for a spell that my 2 friends and myself can do to help move on in our lives and say goodbye to past loves and try to rid them from mind and hearts. Thanks, GGX Hi GGX, here's a nice and easy ritual to "consign a past love into the past" where they belong, after all. It is called "Journey Into The Future"

You need:

  • One large bowl of salt (cooking salt will do).
  • A quiet place out of doors where you can walk for a while in a straight line without being disturbed.
  • Do this ritual just before the sun sets/as the sun sets.


Hold the bowl in one hand at the starting point of this "journey into the future".


As this day sets with the sun,

future's journey has begun.

I command thee:

Put my past behind me.


Take one step, a handful of salt and let a memory relating to the person come to you.

Throw the salt over your shoulder and say,

(Person's name, i.e.)


I send you

to the past

where you


where you

can do

no wrong.


Take a deep breath and another step.

Take another handful of salt, and throw the next memory that comes up into the past, just the same.

Continue until you can feel yourself getting lighter and clearer.

When no more memories come up, the journey into the future is complete.

Tip out the remaining salt from the bowl and say,

As the night will come,

all this is done.

Future's bright and clear for me,

as I will, so shall it be.


Walk AWAY from the trail of salt/trail of memories of the past (do NOT cross that path!) and let the wind blow it away as it will.


It is done.


NB: Should at any time other thoughts or memories relating to the person appear that you didn't ask for or you don't want to think about, repeat THE SAME HAND GESTURE you made when you threw the salt with that hand, and the hand that held the bowl lies flat on the heart of magic (center of the chest).

NB2: If you can't go outdoors to do this for any reason, you can do this with IMAGINARY salt in a suitable room or hallway. It does work more profoundly with the real thing, however, and a real outdoors night; salt is magical stuff and very powerful.


This is an excellent spell

that works VERY well!


Good luck to you and your friends,






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