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Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Movie Review

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Movie Review

Went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie yesterday with another person. How was the 6th installment of the Harry Potter saga on the big screen?

Well, it was long. That's immediately a bad sign because as you know time flies when you're having fun, and time didn't fly for me on this occasion. What went wrong with this movie?

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REAL Magic Without All The Stuff - A NEW Program by SFX

REAL Magic Without All The Stuff - A NEW Program by SFX

SFX writes: If I had a gold coin for every time I've been asked about magic you can do without ANY of the myriad of magic paraphernalia, from candles to crystals, herbs, ointments, swords, pentagrams, eyes of newt and back again, I would be a very rich witch indeed!

But fear not, dear witchlings all, for SFX has come through and she has taken a system of reality creation that has been around for a hundred years and brought it bang up to date, added a little stardust and here we have it - the most DIRECT form of magic spells available to humankind, natural, easy, incredibly powerful ... and all you have to do is to SPEAK UP.

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EVERY woman - old or young! - NEEDS THIS BOOK: The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi. Don't let the title of "clinic" put you off - there's nothing clinical about this book. It's pure magic. You want love spells? This book is full of them. Only they're called techniques not spells, as to not put the average muppet in the street off of buying this book. This book spells the end of "being at the mercy of men" in every way you can imagine.

Love pain? Here's how to heal it. For real. QUICKLY. And forever. Going mad with jealousy? Not a problem any more ... Stuck in a crush? Here's how to get out, get on, and have fun with NEW men.

Need to increase your X-Factor to attract adoration, attention, love and devotion? Yeah, that's in here too. Am I kidding?

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Overcome Fear Of Magic With EFT

Overcome Fear Of Magic With EFT

EFT - Unlock The Energy Magician Within

Sooner or later, people using the new energy therapies including EFT will come up against some inner blockages to really making the best of these wonderful new healing and developmental techniques - their own fears, doubts and blockages about "energy magic" in particular, and MAGIC in general. A lot of people are afraid of magic, or doing magic, even by accident.

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