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This site has a lot of traffic, and a lot of people request spells. I don't charge for spells by the way; my time is so expensive, the general visitors here couldn't possibly afford it! At this point, Magic Spells & Potions is a hobby of mine although it is deeply tied into my other areas of expertise and research. At any rate, I usually get five to ten spell requests a day; some of you might have had a custom made spell from me, and others have not. I thought I'd explain why that is.

As I said, I am very interested in spells and rituals as a part of my research. So I do read the spell requests (and also the spell submissions) when they come in with priority.

And here's the thing.

I have one of two responses to a request for a spell.


I read the words and nothing happens - there is nothing there, for the want of a better word.

At other times, I read a spell request and I have INSTANTLY the relevant custom made spell/ritual delivered in lucid vision format - I see the set up and the person doing the ritual actions, I can smell the incense, hear what they are saying.

Whenever that happens, I will respond and write it down, because as it is vision streamed, we have an effective, cohesive and more importantly, WORKING spell/ritual on our hands.

So the people who sent the messages where that happened end up with a custom designed ritual by StarFields free of charge.

What makes the difference?

Why is it that some requests produce the vision answer effect, and others just seem to leave the parts of me that are responsible for producing these things stone cold?

It isn't spelling, that's for sure!

It isn't offers of payment, or being humble; or giving tons of details (that can be counter productive because if its longer than a sheet of paper and if doesn't have any line breaks in it, I probably won't read it at all!).

I think that it has something to do with whether or not the person who wrote the request is "pure of heart".

Some people turn to magic as if it was a headache pill, and it isn't. It is something special, something different; and I think that those people who know the difference are far more likely to get their spell request answered by my "vision machine".

So if you write in and you don't get an answer, it may be that magic isn't the right tool to fix your problem, or that I'm the wrong magician for your purposes which is also always a possibility.

Magic is a fascinating thing, and on so many different levels at that.

At the end of the day, we're all learning still about its ways, and I think you never ever get to the end of it, not even if you live to be 500 :-)

Be bright, be open, be strong and be joyous,



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