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REAL Magic Without All The Stuff - A NEW Program by SFX

REAL Magic Without All The Stuff - A NEW Program by SFX

SFX writes: If I had a gold coin for every time I've been asked about magic you can do without ANY of the myriad of magic paraphernalia, from candles to crystals, herbs, ointments, swords, pentagrams, eyes of newt and back again, I would be a very rich witch indeed!

But fear not, dear witchlings all, for SFX has come through and she has taken a system of reality creation that has been around for a hundred years and brought it bang up to date, added a little stardust and here we have it - the most DIRECT form of magic spells available to humankind, natural, easy, incredibly powerful ... and all you have to do is to SPEAK UP.

Ever heard of affirmations?

Affirmations are spoken statements of your will and intent that create reality - "I speak the words" in the most basic and potentially most powerful form of magic that is available to ALL human beings who want it?

Literally, thousands of books have been written about creating reality with affirmations.

So affirmations are clearly something that many, MANY people have taken to heart and embraced as a direct method of getting what you want out of life - but why aren't they working for the vast majority of people?

This is a question SFX - aka Silvia Hartmann - has asked herself for the past few decades. Eventually, enough understanding of how people and reality work built up and now, BRAND NEW FOR 2009, we have:

Magic Spells book for 21st Century people: Power Affirmations by Silvia Hartmann

Power Affirmations

21st Century Magic Spells That Change Reality - REVEALED.


In this concise, 12 part self teaching program, Dr Hartmann reveals how to create simple, powerful affirmations that change reality and work exactly like a magic spell - but without the ritual, religious baggage, drama and potential confusion of all the usual magic paraphernalia.

The 12 patterns in this extremely affordable ebook are explained clearly, are tried and tested, and have never been published before.

From simple patterns that even an absolute beginner in magic can make work to very beautiful and complex "super magic affirmations" that will make even the most experienced magician sit up and take notice, this is a perfect work book to unlock the power of the original human magic spells, simple statements of intent evoked with passion and intention for anyone who wants to take control of their world - positively.

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Power Affirmations by Silvia Hartmann (SFX)

Magic Spells That EVERYONE Can Do.

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