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Make & Use A Real Magic Mirror

Make & Use A Real Magic Mirror

Here's how to make and use a real magic mirror that actually does stuff for you - you are more than your physical body!

Making your own personal Magic Mirror is easy and fun.


You need a backing board, a mirror, and some creative inspiration as to what you want to put around the mirror. I use acrylic mirrors because they are light and easy to handle. Ideas might include crystals, hearts, spirals for magic, colourful things that you love, or if you are the type of person who is more interested in the nuts and bolts of real reality creation, real magic, then you could surround your Magic Mirror with nuts and bolts!

Throughout the making of your Magic Mirror, focus on making something that is real, powerful, personal and USEFUL to you. Put your love into the making of this magical object!


Once you have your completed Magic Mirror, you can dedicate it in a person ceremony if you feel you want to do that - night time and candle light is always good for magical purposes. You can simply hang or stand it up somewhere, step up in front of your magic mirror, look deeply into your own eyes and say, "Welcome!"


Use your new Magic Mirror for LOVE.


Look beyond the physical container and connect with your true essence, who you really are, your spirit, if you will.


Give your mirror person positive energy - positive advice, positive affirmations, positive blessings, or in other words, LOTS OF LOVE.


That is what your mirror person needs. That is the real magic of using a magic mirror - to get to know yourself better, and to learn how YOU can create reality.


The Magic Health Warning: Do not use the Magic Mirror or any magical artefact for that matter from low energy states. RAISE ENERGY FIRST! to get into a good energy state from which you can do powerful, positive magic that actually works in the real world.


See here if you don't know what the different energy states are yet:


Use your Magic Mirror right and it will bring you lots and lots of good experiences, insights and a real working magical tool that absolutely has the power to change your reality for the better.

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