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Protection Spell Against Voices

Spell Keywords: Protection against voices, turning off troublesome voices, silencing voices, distinguishing between beneficial voices and hurtful voices, more positive internal dialogue, controlling ADI.

Protection Against "Voices"


Only one voice is real, I can tell it apart

my own true voice, the voice of my heart.

* Speak this out aloud with both hands on the center of the chest in the Heart Healing position.

The Spell:

Only words of love I hear,

only words of love come near

other voices fade away

in the night and in the day

I heed not what they will say

loveless voices, fade away!

Break them up and break them down

swirl them round and round and round,

I heed not what they did say,

loveless voices, blow away!

Only words of love I hear

only words of love come near

only heart's voice in my mind,

still and true and loving kind,

I regain my Even Flow

This is my will, now make it so!

SFX 2004

NB: Repeat this three times or as often as required, and as soon as any problem voices try to come in.

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