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Premonitions & Guardian Angel

Premonitions & Guardian Angel

Bob writes: I need a spell to summon a ghost or if not someone I can talk to to help sort out my life like a guardian angel or someone. I need your help.

Thanks, Bob

PS. i came up with a spell but I don't think it works. Could you try it and/or amend it please.

Premonitions are what I ask,

Future knowledge shall be unmasked.

Premonitions to help me see,

What the future has in store for me.

I know its weak and pathetic, but its the best i could do.


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Hi Bob,

Nice spell!

ANY spell you've written yourself is a thousand times more effective than using someone else's, no matter how pretty they may be.

Now create a little ritual around it, light a candle, use a basin of water, a mirror perhaps or a crystal to focus on so you can "see" your premonitions on a screen. Keep practising and you will get better, absolutely.

As to the guardian angel/helper spirit, go and get the 1st Sanctuary meditation.

If I remember correctly, there is a guardian spirit being called in there, in a safe place and in a safe way.

Develop your relationship from there, and once again, it's a case of regular and often to get higher, further and deeper.

Fairy dust sparkles,


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