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Precious Hypnotic Meditation

Precious Hypnotic Meditation

Precious is a very hypnotic meditation that evokes highly unusual energy states whether you read it or read it out aloud. Designed to enhance the psychic circuitry, as all Hypnodreams are, this is a powerful experience.

Precious quartz image for precious magic meditation



Alone alight of light you are

as am I.


Or so I used think

when I stared in the mirror

and saw these faces

they were never mine.


I sought to recognise

something ?

some familiarity,

some sense of belonging

just something I could

use to string along a first

and finely shining silver thread

the first that would become

the first decision

when you place it where you will

and thus set the direction

of unfoldment


so you fasten it to ? where?


Some choose a star in distance,

bright it is and twinkling,

oh, so pretty, so precious

does it seem and yet its far away

and cannot warm you with its light.


Some will tie it to a favourite

thing, a jewel or remembrance,

long ago it was and it seemed

that this was all the joy, and all

the light of hope which could

be found in all the times,

in all the planes,

for now until forevermore

till death do part.


And others still stare until

their eyes begin to smart and water,

looking for what they know not,

and knowing not, how could

they ever recognise?


But what you?re seeking isn?t seen

with eyes. It?s not a pretty twinkling

thing that catches your attention;

its not some feeling from the past.


Close your eyes.


Now, the mirror is quite gone

no longer gives you much distraction

and you are free to simply clear

your field, becoming as the night,

clear and simply endless,

tuning out the this and that

Let?s now remove what is remaining,

taking space and time away,

and taking gravity from the equation.


Slowly, and subtly, as what wasn?t of the essence

drifts away and is released

and clear and clearer still the endless space reveals

itself to you in widest, highest silence,

you can perceive

a pulse in distance,

a soft calling, slow it is and steady,

rhythmic, and a sense of wonder

touches you with swift surprise

to know that this is easy,

simple and that you knew all along

just what it was

that you were seeking

and you found it with a nature knowing

when you had released

the oldest bindings, and the oldest

twists and turns that took you away

from who you were

and what you

were born to do.


Silently and steadily stands the pulse


For now, it is enough to sense and be

familiar with its presence


Silent and steady, soft and clear

it fills this space and as you still

become accustomed to this state of

being, to this form of knowing,

to perceptions being there at once

and just your last remaining

worries causing little ripples in the

flow, you grow still more familiar

with this state of being and revealed

to you becomes the web of all

the web of life itself

and now there is no question

as to what you have to do

for here is clearly

drawing you at once

a place for you ?

your place in waiting,

here it is and there is not

a moment's doubt,

not a chance of having been mistaken,

this is yours and was for you,

and it lies waiting now

and all that s left to do

is that you should take

the first and finest silver strand

and have it be the first connection

that you made

as you connect it easily

as is your right and duty both


and as it touches home

and as it makes the resonance connection

to the web of life itself,

it tingles back to you a charge

that is directly flowing

towards you,

directed towards,

directly for you

and you begin to understand

just what that was

you always longed for

loneliness and

that sense of being

far from home

alleviated in an instance

messages received and sent

and even with this first

and finest strand

you feel the jubilation

of the moment when

you did return

and all the others,

life itself

perceived your entry

your return

and awe and joy

spread through

the wondrous web -


The precious one

has come at last!


Don?t let yourself be

met with old

and all the ripples

you may feel are

nothing but reactions

to this reconnection ?

yes, it is a birth

and now you know

just what to do, just where to go

and always, always

should you go astray

you have your guiding light

your lifeline

to the field of stars.



SFX 18. 04. 03


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