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Potion Recipe - Emotional Overwhelm

Potions Keywords: Emotional Overwhelm, Emotions never experienced before, chaos and emotional confusion. Especially useful for men or women who try and control or detach their emotions modelled on how men do it.


Emotional Overwhelm Potion

White Chestnut x 2
Clear Quarz x 3
Aspen x 5

In a carrier of 50ml Holy Water (use a clear bottle so light may enter too).

Stone ? a large, well formed single clear quartz crystal. Carry it with you and touch it if necessary, also place on forehead, 3rd eye point.


Thought for a Meditation:

On the ground, a hurricane seems utter chaos and confusion.

Viewed from space, it is a very logical organism that has its own path.

Remember that even in a storm of emotions, there is logic and reason as to why you have these and why you feel these.


Also use the Storms Spell:

Storms within and

storms without

Storms above

and storms below

in my center

always stillness

It is true,

and it is so.


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