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Poem - Timelines

Poem - Timelines Timelines Swiftly, I fly forward,
towards my future.



Swiftly, I fly forward,
towards my future.

Behind me
lies my life
a sweeping bridal train
of multicoloured silks,
spread out behind me
each strand of weave
a sound I heard,
a feeling or
a sight I saw,
a thought I made.

I see it looping wide
so brilliant bright,
it flows amongst the stars,
my pathway I create anew,
it streams from me,
it streams
from my shoulders
streams from my heels
my cloak of endless angel wings
to paint my passage
into all that is
so it may be

I am entranced
by its great beauty
radiant colours flowing, movement,
but in truth,
my heart lies elsewhere -

I turn around to face
my realms of truth,
the stars await,
as I move forward,
fly towards the future,
bright excitement,
endless worlds
before me
as I dive and soar
towards the stars.

SFX 2004

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